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  1. S

    My mavic 2 Pro malfunctioned and crashed and i have no clue why

    Hey guys, I've been flying drones for over four years now and DJI drones for three years and I've never experienced anything like this. Around 10 minutes into my flight the other day my drone takes off at TopSpeed well and tripod mode towards a bunch of people. I was able to get the drone to...
  2. Y

    Dji Go 4 app on iPhone X problem

    Hi, I have a Mavic Air. While my iPhone conected to the controller and I enter the intelligent flight modes I can see only 8 icon (missing waypoints for example), and at the moment I disconcets the iPhone from the controller cable, the screen shows just the only 5 phone pairing intelligent...
  3. W

    Aircraft disconnected

    Former P3 pilot from Never had any real technical issues with Phantoms. I was gifted a Mavic recently, by a frustrated family member (was in beginner mode as I had warned). My first update/ test flight went without a hitch. Packed up and went home (windy/cold). Took it...
  4. OzoneVibe

    Pano working fine(ish). A couple of questions.

    Firstly ... for me ... even on Android .... Pano seems to be working just fine. However, the PhotoSpheres are very overexposed. (pics 1 & 2). Other pano modes and ordinary pics/video are fine. Secondly, the icon marked at the top right of Pic 2 is (by my understanding) supposed to sync the...
  5. OzoneVibe

    Updated Android DJI GO4 v4.1.18 released 28th Nov

    Only just noticed the update is available. Still v4.1.18. Build 2027953. Anyone know what's changed, fixed (,screwed ;))?
  6. Gustavo Aguiar

    Moto Z2 Play

    Is there someone using DJI Go 4 + Mavic Pro with Moto Z2 Play that could tell me about compatibility and its performance runnning the DJI app? Thanks!
  7. h-e-n-r-y

    10 seconds for dng timed photos - why?

    Anyone here who can explain why there is the limit of minimum 10 seconds delay between the timed shots for dng format? I understand that the dng is more space consuming and may need more time to save to memory but 10 seconds? I tried to manually take dngs as often as possible and managed to...
  8. Cookedinlh

    DJIGO 4 in constant RESET

    about 6th flight on new Mavic, it "recommended" I upgrade controller software (using DJIGO at the time). Upgrade was 15min+ but it seemed to work. Restarted everything, Calibrated etc and flew a 15 min flight at -3DegC . . no issues . . but. . . just flippin COLD! Now . . if I try to run...