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    Mini 3 pro started drifting, why?

    I recently crashed my mini 3 pro whilst over a river. It started drifting sideways towards the treetop, then hit the branches and went into the the river. The flight logs state that I switched to active track, which I don't believe I did, Could this be a bug?
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    Mavic 2 controller is acting odd

    It started off beeping with a "Center Stick Error" I did a IMU Calibration and I think it fixed that issue. BUT, I have been noticing lately that the drone is drifting to the left all of the time. It will not sit still. It also spins the whole time it's RTH and does not find it's precision...
  3. S


    Not sure if this has been covered, but I’ve taken a few night shots/long exposures before, and had no issues. Flying yesterday evening around 10pm, with all the sensors on, full GPS mode, there was minimal wind and I was only flying 30m up, but the M2P would NOT stay still. Even on a 4second...
  4. J

    MA drifting in little wind

    Hey guys, just a quick question. Got my new Mavic Air via DJI Care and all great until I noticed something this afternoon. Not sure if it is just me being overly picky or whether it is an issue. I was flying above my house at 40m and I noticed the drone turning in the wind without me touching...
  5. W

    Compass error after yawing 360deg

    Hello everyone, I bought Mavic Pro a week ago and didn't have a single successful flight yet. I keep getting "Compass Error. Exit P-GPS mode..." error. Both compasses are working and are calibrated in an open field. (tested by putting metal thing to compasses - both react as they should). I...
  6. C

    Mavic Pro Falling and Rising While Hovering

    So I got my Mavic about two weeks ago, and crashed it pretty badly into a tree last week! I feel awful about it. Long story short - the 2 front props were shattered, and the camera/gimbal was completely severed from the drone. Thanks to Mavic Pilots and Youtube, I was able to fix it by...
  7. A

    Crash Analysis ATTI Drift - Response Time

    Hello guys, Few weeks ago, I unfortunately crashed my Mavic Pro in th middle of the beautiful Taroko Gorges in Taiwan. The mission was launched a bit fast and was therefore a bit risky but space and visibility where OK, wind also OK. I used the ActiveTrack mode. Around 1.20min on the video...
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    Happy camper with one irritating issue with Mavic

    Hi everyone. Had my Mavic for just over a week now, and haven't had a real chance to get to know it due to bad weather. Got a couple of hours today and didn't hesitate to get my Mavic out. The footage is great, have already put three videos out on Youtube. All in all the Mavic performs great...
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    Action shots of cars drifting

    I noticed that there doesn't seem to be a lot of action footage out there so I thought I would treat you all with some. I recorded these guys drifting around an abandoned road system in FL. Recording them in action was some of the most fun I have ever had. I'm still new at this and I made...