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drone photography

  1. T

    First Flight - First Video - First Photos

    My first ever flight was on Wed with an experienced pilot and it was so amazing! We made sure I had everything set up correctly, including calibrating the compass and IMU (not sure if that was necessary). It was just an amazing experience and I’m hooked! Can’t wait to go out and fly more 😊 I’m...
  2. S

    Mavic 3 Raw Photos In Adobe Photoshop (Update)

    Some of you receiving the DJI Mavic 3 might take a Raw photo, place it into Photoshop/Lightroom and notice that standard Adobe color profiles are not available. I contacted Adobe about this and as of 11/12/2021 Adobe says they have not made DNG Raw color profiles for the Mavic 3 yet and should...
  3. hagman23

    Air 2 Nantahala Lake | NC Pano

    Out yesterday on a shoot near Nantahala Lake, NC shot this 180 pano with my Mavic Air 2. I did crop it down just a little in post. Mavic Air 2 w/ DJI ND 16
  4. A

    Lakes and Ponds

    Hey everyone, I am really liking taking my drone to a nice lake or pond recently. I’m willing to take a little drive from the Capital Region if anyone has a good suggestion for some footage ?
  5. hagman23

    Air 2 Full Rainbow over North GA

    The wife and I were headed south to Atlanta early over the weekend when we saw a rainbow in the distance that lasted for 15-20 minutes. I finally gave in and took off to grab a pic or two. Mavic Air 2 in 180 Pano mode - cropped and edited in Ps CC | © Eric Haggart Imagery 2021
  6. Skyfall-0D2

    Drone Filming Course

    Tally-Ho Pilots, • I’m looking for a reasonably priced (but) ‘good quality’, easy to learn ‘drone filming course’. • I’m looking at the and wondered if anyone had used them or would recommend anyone else? Many thanks for your feedback... ?
  7. J

    Study for Drone Pilot Cert

    Hello Ladies ad Gentleman, My recent thread I was talking about starting a aerial photography business and I’ve been studying, watched and still watch Tony’s video on youtube and did 3dr sample tests, Anyone took the test recently? What was it like? Do you have any tips on how to study to ace...
  8. R

    My Best Photo

  9. Lanai 3

    Lanai 3

    Photos take off the north shore of the island of Lanai, Hawaii
  10. Lanai 2

    Lanai 2

    Photos take off the north shore of the island of Lanai, Hawaii
  11. Lanai 1

    Lanai 1

    Photos take off the north shore of the island of Lanai, Hawaii
  12. Murkemur

    New Mavic Air Pilot from Netherlands, Groningen. Living in Madrid!

    Good afternoon ladies- and gentlepilots, My name is Mark 'Murkemur' Roossien and I'm a 26-year old guy flying with his Mavic Air drone in Netherlands and Spain. I am having my (plane)flight beginning of August and will live in Madrid with my girlfriend for a year. Going to fly the drone quite a...
  13. B

    Mavic Air for commercial use?

    Hello, I recently purchased a mavic air with plans to use it for commercial use. I want to do basic stuff for now like real estate photography and inspections. Do you think the mavic air will work well for this application? Thanks for help!
  14. B

    Mavic Pro - Commercial Photography -

    After flying and photographing with the Mavic Pro for over a year I have had acquaintances ask if I could do some photography for them. It seems there is a market out there for drone photography and the Mavic system quality seems to meet the needs of individuals that have contacted me. That...
  15. OmniDrone Aerial

    What do you think of the new OmniDrone logo? [POLL]

    Logo by Osegard Design Co. This guy does an incredible job. Give him a 'LIKE' on Facebook!
  16. OmniDrone Aerial

    OmniDrone Aerial Photography & Videos

    Going forward I will use this thread to post any aerial photo & video content I'd like to share with you guys. I hope you like what you see, comments are always encouraged!
  17. Seabas82

    Mavic Pro over Lake Tahoe's Dollar Point Beach

    Hello everyone, Here is a short edit of my recent trip to Lake Tahoe, weather conditions where not so great the first part of the week, but when it finally cleared I was able to take full advantage of it. Clear Skies, COLD 18 F, NE Winds 7 mph. Some general suggestions for those flying or...