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  1. globetrotterdrone

    Likelihood of a Mavic 3 Pro with a MTOM < 900 g for EASA A1 compliance

    Hi there fellow drone flyers, I wonder, if some of you think that the Mavic 3 Pro, as good as it sounds on the technical details, hugely missed the point of a C1 rating in EASA airspace. As it specifies by now, you will get a C2 rating and thus be obliged to fly in A2 subcategory as follows...
  2. PHZ

    EASA and Austrian Drone Regulations Question

    I am planning a trip from the US to Germany, then Austria in two weeks. From the EASA regs, if I use a drone sub-250g, I only need to register with the NAA of the first country I fly in. While reading the Austrian regs, it appears that if I fly ANY drone with a camera, commercial use or not, I...
  3. Yaros

    EASA is killing our hobby, yet no one is doing anything about it…

    Hello, you might know that I like to disagree with the drone rules and regulations, I still follow them (most of the time, that is) but I have strong feeling that EASA is trying to make drone flying impossible in the future. Let me explain: They are introducing many irrelevant rules that don't...
  4. Yaros

    EASA CE-Marking - Please explain the reason WHY!

    I have been flying drones since December 2020, no issues with regulations except some minor annoyances in Spain. Now I understand that we are getting closer to 2023, and I start to think about the CE-Marking that EASA enforces... in my opinion (that might, and probably will be different to...
  5. Yaros

    What will change in 2023 regarding the Mavic Air 2/2S?

    Hello, I would like to know if my Air 2 will be still legal to fly in A1/A3 subcategories after 2022. It doesn't have C-Mark, will DJI replace the current drones for free? Or ship a C-Mark for certain models? I bought the drone recently and I don't want to buy another drone soon because this one...
  6. Yaros

    VLOS rule makes flights boring - do you follow it?

    Hello, I have been flying drones for 1 year now and with my first drone VLOS wasn't a problem, the drone itself was big, bigger than a phantom 4 pro, and the range was limited (about 1 km max at 120 m / 400 ft) and you could see it from very far away. 6 months ago I got myself a mavic air 2...
  7. Yaros

    Does DJI Care Refresh counts as an Insurance?

    Hello, I recently found out that you need insurance to fly in Spain, even if it's recreational. I have DJI Care Refresh, does that count as an insurance for the AESA/EASA?
  8. niki

    Permission from ENAC for flying over Venice canals in Italy?

    Have some one got a permission from ENAC for flying in Venice, Italy? According ENAC, Venice is a Prohibited flying zone. There are also 2 airport zones overlaping there and also a CTR zone, so I'm getting confused how to apply? Because from what I read for applying to fly in the "speciffic...
  9. M

    Mavic Air 2 EASA class certificate?

    Hi everyone, Is it known yet whether the Mavic Air 2 comes with an EASA class certificate? If not, I'm really not too sure whether buying it makes sense, as it will be essentially forbidden to fly it in Europe after Dec 31st 2022. And even before that, after Jan 1st 2021, it would be very...
  10. UAV Man

    EASA safe flying guide

    If you are new to this flying business this will help: EASA Drone Safety Leaflet_web.pdf
  11. UAV Man

    New EASA proposal

    For reference people, please read and research this could be the end of all the fun!!! NO JOKE!:mad: UAS Prototype Regulation final.pdf Worth a read my American cousins... the FAA will follow soon.
  12. UAV Man

    Registration time???

    With the new EASA suggestions for drones, should we now start registering our drones before we are kicked out of the sky.