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  1. Dumeinao

    Too hard to report item as a scam on eBay.

    Geeze, I tried for 10 minutes to simply find a way to report this item as fraud on eBay. By the time I figured out the process, the last line before hitting submit is that I agree I am certifying myself as a law enforcement officer! :mad: Seriously eBay? Anyhow these seller(s) just showed...
  2. V

    New owner of a used Mavic Pro, Wales UK

    Hello all, Firstly, wow, from my brief scan through this forum I am genuinely amazed at the level of knowledge and expertise on display. I've been a long time admirer of the Mavic Pro and have been waiting patiently for the price to drop enough to snap one up. A few years and several nervous...
  3. C

    Mavic Pro VPS launch tried to fly away.

    So I have a new to me mavic and first flight out I chose to use the app to launch. Hit the launch and it asked if I wanted to launch the standard launch or the VPS launch which would go up to 19 feet and take a picture blah blah blah. I was reading it to my friend standing there. Kind of paying...
  4. P

    funny thing

    So, once upon a time on EBAY.... Ok, I know I'm going to lose that money, with that in mind, I bought a refurbished mavic pro on EBAY, is coming directly from china, all the description is the one for the mavic pro, why did I bought it if I know i'm losing my money? because it was 29 bucks, and...
  5. D

    What is wrong with this image???

    sup guys, I’m new here. Just saw this one ebay... lol
  6. thefrisbee995

    Just Saved £250+ Buying a Mavic Through eglobalcentral!!

    So I posted on here about buying a Mavic from "France".. But despite there being eBay seller protection, some people insisted that I was basically throwing money way... Anyway, thought it's worth a go, £844 sent via eBay and expected a couple of weeks delivery. Couple of days later I received it...
  7. Cutaway

    Brand name vs. eBay filters for Mavic

    Guys, can you weigh in without opinion about ND filters? I can find similar filters listed on eBay or Amazon for far less than name brands (e.g. PolarPro or Sandmac). They all come from China most likely. So why pay $70-$90 for a basic set (ND4/8/16/CPL) vs. name brands? Most say they pass...
  8. thefrisbee995

    Shipping Mavic From France to UK (eBay)?

    So I'm looking at buying a Mavic and maybe replacing my P4P. I have seen a listing on eBay for £850. This is a lot cheaper than in UK stores. Does this sound legit to you guys? I've bought "bargains" from Australia before and they have resulted in me paying fat import fees. This should be fine...
  9. T

    Anyone in the market for a mavic in Australia

    Hey just a heads up, bing lee have 20% off store wide on their eBay store (use code cny20) mavics down to $1368 for anyone interested.
  10. D

    Any way of checking how much a Mavic has been flown?

    In desperation I've bought a Mavic Pro off eBay - supposed to be new and only used briefly to test it. The seller has gone rather quiet since I bought it and paid - they were supposed to have posted it Friday or Saturday. Part of me wonders if they are keeping it a bit longer to go flying...