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Mavic Pro VPS launch tried to fly away.


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Dec 27, 2019
So I have a new to me mavic and first flight out I chose to use the app to launch. Hit the launch and it asked if I wanted to launch the standard launch or the VPS launch which would go up to 19 feet and take a picture blah blah blah. I was reading it to my friend standing there. Kind of paying attention to the app chose the VPS launch... I mean why not. Up she goes and I was checking the app and he says that's going a heck of a lot higher than 19 foot. It was with zero stick input moving up and away approximately 144 feet up and about the same away before I could get some kind of response... The controller was alarming something about the app and VPS. And then I got a prompt about learning fixed wing mode or skip... What a cluster you know what.. so I'm fighting it to get it down and it drops like a rock. I'm guessing it actually went into fixed wing but it didn't state this . basically brought it around for a controlled crash landing. Gotta love eBay. I guess I know why they sold it. So coming from Solo I just need to know where to start looking to figure out the issues. What do I need to pull the logs? I've found how to disable fixed wing mode and the next flight immediately following I did the standard launch and it hovered fine and control seemed good. Not so keen on firing up a VPS launch until I find a vacant field.
First off WELCOME to the forum :)

I'd highly suggest you post the logs from this flight and get some experienced eyes and opinions on it.
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Thanks. Do you have a link to the preferred way to retrieve them?

I think you'll find what you're looking for in this thread:
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