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  1. X

    Mavic Pro alpine white edition

    Seeing a mavic pro alpine white edition for 500, only 20 hours of flight time per current owner. Looks in good shape, damage free and flys. Is it fake item? Or is it a real deal? Good price? Collectible?
  2. cachi1915

    Reviving a Mavic Pro 1 battery with a dead cell

    Hi, I know that probably this is not the best initiative, but I’ve convinced myself that I will recover my died MP1 battery. I’m describing the process here: About reviving a Mavic Pro battery I’ve disassembled it and I’ve tested each cell voltage separately. One is bellow 2v, so now I’m the...
  3. cachi1915

    About reviving a Mavic Pro battery

    I’ve searched and I haven’t found anything so I suppose there’s not topic talking about this, but I suppose that this is something common, so I need to try it. I’ve a Mavic Pro with two batteries, I use to take a lot of care of all my equipment, but I didn’t follow everyone recommendations and...
  4. catshepheard

    Dog 1 Drone 0

    Well, it finally happened, dog got her bird. The camera broke off the gimbal vibration board. The camera appeared to be functional so I'll attempt to replace the board and mount the camera. Dog 1 drone 0
  5. Maxime B

    Battery Signal Error

    Hi Everyone ! I need your help ! I fly my Mavic Pro yesterday, he work very well, but 1 hour later when I want to fly again, the error "Battery Signal Error" pop up on my DJI GO APP. I cannot read any informations about the battery (percentage, volt, and all informations), and it's the same for...
  6. C

    Mavic Pro VPS launch tried to fly away.

    So I have a new to me mavic and first flight out I chose to use the app to launch. Hit the launch and it asked if I wanted to launch the standard launch or the VPS launch which would go up to 19 feet and take a picture blah blah blah. I was reading it to my friend standing there. Kind of paying...
  7. Kangaroo Island Airport

    Kangaroo Island Airport

    The official opening of KI Airport by the then Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. I was contracted to do the external and internal timber cladding and decking. During the build I purchased the Mavic Pro and was asked to provide some footage... this is the result.
  8. drewdrones

    IMU Heading Error | Compass Error | Exit P-GPS Mode | Yaw Error

    Hello Guys! I have been a long time lurker but never had an account so this is my first post. I am currently in Shanghai, China and I was out filming in the late afternoon. I take out my drone out of my bag, on a bridge (error #1) and it tells me to calibrate my compass, once, I set the drone...
  9. L

    mavic pro firmware update impossible

    Hello, I bought a mavic pro first generation this summer on amazon. The official DJI was selling refurbished mavic pros which were like 100 dollars cheaper than the new ones and all the comments said the refurbished ones looked just like new and worked perfectly so I chose to buy a refurbished...
  10. P

    Phone is not found mavic pro- Help

    Bonjour, When I connect my phone to the remote control, it is not recognized by the drone. Neither in dji go, nor in litchi. I have a huawei P20 pro. I tried with a huawei p9 and huawei p30 pro, it's OK perfectly, the phones are well recognized direct when I plug them. What to do? Thanks for...
  11. D

    Bali - Anantara Seminyak Beach and Visesa Ubud Resort

    Aerials views of the beautiful beach at Anantara Seminyak Resort and the rice fields in Visesa Ubud Resort in Indonesia Music: Sam Feldt ft. George Shelley - Leave Me Alone Hello all!!! Please support my video, I am new here!!! Its a great community here.
  12. I

    Mavic Pro connectivity problem

    My mavic was working fine until i tried to update the firmware using DJI Assistant 2 (current firmware: 01.03.0900 to 01.04.0100) but it fail during the transmission, now the drone doesn't connect to the RC nor the PC using DJI Assistant, i tried to bind the RC but doesn't recognize the drone...
  13. D

    Drone Tribute

    Recently I lost my Mavic pro in the ocean due to high wind speeds. We have captured many great moments together and I have made a video to remember some of the best. I hope you enjoy!
  14. Dji Mavic Pro Fly Over on St Pete Beach, FL in 4K HD

    Dji Mavic Pro Fly Over on St Pete Beach, FL in 4K HD

    Some EPIC Aerial 4K HD video of St Pete Beach, FL yesterday. Make sure you stat connected with Aerial Uplift Uplift Productions for my videos to come
  15. K

    Flying in England

    Hello fellow pilots! I'm traveling to England from the US and I definitely want to take my drone with me. Do any of you have any advice? Thank you!
  16. L

    Drones Laws in Menorca, Spain

    Hi, Heading to Menorca soon and cant really find much information on flying there. Anyone else found anything helpful? Thanks in advance!!!
  17. Papone93

    Andrea From Italy Living in Dublin

    Hi everybody i have been looking for answers about everything so far on this forum... really thanks. BuT now I have an important question , i will visit Mongolia on February, i got a Mavic pro and i'm wondering if is there any permit or registration that has to be done upfront or even in...
  18. G

    Poland - Zakopane drone rules

    Hello Guys, I will be heading to poland - Zakopane next week for trekking. can i fly my mavic pro in zakopane please?, i have read all the following however i couldn t find if i can fly in zakopane tatra mountains or not. Safe sky - regulations on flying drones in Poland - Urząd Lotnictwa...
  19. h1s0k4

    Mavic Air battery mod

    Hi there , it's me from Vietnam . I read the thread " Mavic pro battery mod " for hours but can not find any thread about Mavic Air battery mod . I have a Mavic air because it's very compact and suit for me when I have to travel with my camera gears . I only found this : DJI Mavic Air Battery...
  20. Sarahhhamid

    Having trouble getting 4K footage onto iPhone/Macbook Pro??

    So I've been flying my Mavic Pro for a few months and finally have gotten the hang of flying and getting decent footage, and now I'm interested in editing and uploading to Youtube/Instagram and having on my iPhone. My dilemma is that I LOVE the DJI Go app because of its simplicity, is there...