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  1. T

    PowerDirector on Android

    I use cyberlink powerdirector 365 on my pc. it's expensive and way more sophisticated than i need, but its the best I've found for my needs. i just discovered powerdirector has an android app, and it is actually much better for me. I edited and spliced eight videos into one with transitions (on...
  2. U

    Video flickering

    How to get rid of flickering video on my Mavic 2 zoom. Is there a way to avoid this from the beginning in the settings or is the only way to do it after in an editor. Very disappointed Mavic 2 zoom owner.
  3. KeithLa

    Create DJI Go 4 movies with original HD files?

    I've been getting the hang of creating pretty decent Free Form and AutoEdit movies with DJI Go 4. But these are created by default using 720p clips in my Android device video cache. Is there any way to regenerate a completed movie using the 1080p HD or 4K files on the Mavic SD card? In the...
  4. eutx9795

    Small village of Villaflores at Spain

    Small village of Villaflores at drone eye's view A round hole in the facade of the main house of Villaflores betrays that time has stopped. There is no longer the clock, because someone has stolen it, as there is no bell in the small church whose doors are forced and receive the visitor to show...
  5. Mako79

    video splitter trimmer cutter

    Is there a free video cutter/trimmer/splitter without the need to re-encode?
  6. ___

    Export videos from DJI GO "Editor"?

    Hello All! I like the videos that the GO app creates, and how easy it is to tweak them to a quick and dirty finished product... but how do I export those videos? It seems I can "share" after I upload to skypixel but what if I don't want them on Skypixel, and I want it on Vimeo or Youtube, or my...
  7. HeavensAbove

    Video Editor

    As this is my first DJI product I was wondering what your thoughts are on a Video editing suite for DJI footage. As I will most probably be intercutting with Canon and GoPro footage I'll probably be sticking with GoPro studio (as it's free and I'm a cheapskate). Will this suffice or does...