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  1. aerialnorthwest

    By Request: 15 Pro Drone Pilot Marketing Strategy Tips

    Happy Tuesday! Over the past few weeks, some of my cohorts in our community and beyond asked if I would prepare a brief, but meaningful paper on marketing strategy for commercial drone pilots. First, thanks for the kind encouragement and friendship! (It means the world.) Second, I have drafted a...
  2. aerialnorthwest

    Being Different: Drone Pilot Differentiation Strategy

    “Always stay one step ahead of your competition – three steps would be even better!” Hello friends and Mavic Pilot flying cohorts! As our commercial drone industry continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important for us drone pilots to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. By...
  3. M

    Use of Drone by college & students

    Hi, I work as a media technician for a 6th form college here in the UK and we would like to get a drone for our department so our students can use it for filming. We would get them to gain their own 'flyer ID' and I understand the college would have to register as the drone 'operator' but does...
  4. rkdauph

    Help me answer the "What's Next?" question from beginners.

    Hello all, I have been approached by a local college to help develop 5 - 6 drone centric classes (non-credit, nights/weekend stuff). The school currently has a Part 107 prep weekend course. The instructors have been approached after every class with the "Now what?", "What's next?" questions by...