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esc error

  1. mlash

    Need help with my dat file - Possible motor or ESC issues

    I need someone to look at my DAT files and see if I am having Motor or ESC problems. I am getting some weird warnings on Air Data and would like to make sure everything is all right.
  2. mlash

    Not Enough Force/ESC Error

    Edit: This is on a Mavic Pro Getting this error msg on the Air Data website with logs, Not Enough Force/ESC Error! Is this a motor going out or perhaps a motor wire or is it one of the ESC's? It doesn't State which one. Also, I seen my bird dip (the left front props came into view) and I think...
  3. 1

    ESC board problem but is it?

    Fixed by replacing the ESC Board
  4. Z

    ESC Error On New Motor [SOLVED]

    Greetings! Looking for some advice with my delima. I will start with the generic help format: Problem? Left rear motor won't start - ESC error. Was unit in a crash? Yes, but was operable after. What have you tried so far?: Replaced motor. What device are you using? Galaxy S6 What firmware...