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faa drone registration

  1. pilotinstitute

    Fighting Drone Registration "Schemes" With Free Stickers

    We are happy to announce that we've shipped free drone registration stickers to 10,000 people. In order to legally fly your drone, you are supposed to register it in most cases. It costs only $5 if you do it on the FAA Drone Zone. Unfortunately, there are a few companies that mimic the FAA's...
  2. pilotinstitute

    FAA Drone Registration "Schemes" - PSA

    There are a lot of websites out there that advertise when you search for "drone registration" on Google. Many of them will register your drone through the FAA Drone Zone on your behalf and charge you up to $60 for optional extras like lanyards and stickers. We want to remind everyone that the...
  3. D

    New to Los Angeles

    So I've recently moved to the south bay in LA from Australia and have quickly realised the laws around drones are A LOT more relaxed in Australia. It appears that there are very few suitable areas to practise using my new DJI drone in Los Angeles and I'm hoping to find a good community that...