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  1. C

    Question about low light/nighttime video settings

    Hey guys, I've heard a lot of things about filming at night, one is we should film in 24fps with 1/50 shutter speed. I usually film things at night with ISO 1600. Color profile is Dlog instead of normal. But here comes a problem: Dlog seems to be more noisy than normal, after I apply the LUT...
  2. ChristophB

    What are your favourite camera angles and motions? ? Looking for more ideas ?

    Hi all, I've been shooting drone videos for a while now, but I'm keen to find out what shots you think work well to bring a bit of diversion into a video. Here's my recent video, shot with a friend of mine. He has a Mavic Air 2 and I have a Mini 2: Drone shots start at ~0:12 Do you have...
  3. LEZ90

    Hello from Brighton (UK)

    Hi, This is my first post. I'm an ex private pilot and a petrol head that drives across Europe at least twice a year (pandemic permitting) and have been wanting to buy a drone for years to record my trips. I recently brought a DJI Mini 2 and I absolutely love it. All the fun of flying without...
  4. S

    Best Mavic Pro Platnium/ Mavic Pro Case?

    Hi, I just got my Mavic Pro Platinum and I'm going to be traveling soon and I don't want to carry the drone in it's original box. Does anyone know a good case for under 50$?? P.S. I only have one battery and i want the case to be pretty small.
  5. SpikeSky


    Gday to all my fello Dronies from all around the World. I just purchased a new app (LumaFusion) for editing experimental footage I have collected on various flying expeditions. Link to their website: and Luma Touch LLC Apps on the App Store , and all the...
  6. kinol

    Best prop guard for close-ups

    Hey guys! I am Ignat Kinol. I am directing a film shot on flying drones only. We use mavic pro for close-ups and a bit of inspire for wides. I am searching for the best prop guards for mavic. They should be cheap and light. So our actors don't freak out. Thanks. Ignat
  7. J

    Hello from snowy Greece :o

    Hello guys, my first post here despite being a member for a while now, been enjoying my mavic pro for half a year now, and being at the same time very careful with my litle baby, not doing risky things so far (except one time chopping down some tree leaves and almost getting a heart attack) I...
  8. szh

    Hard to see when flying low—solution?

    I am still new to both drones and the Mavic. I found that it's easier to get interesting video when flying low. But when doing so, it is often very hard to see the Mavic with all the vegetation in the background, even when it's as close as 100-150 meters. And when I can not see it, I cannot...
  9. M

    Find Your Epic, Episode 1 (Mavic)

    Filmed the other day, aerial shots with my mavic (no filters on lense, looking to get some soon). Any advice / feedback to improve is welcome :)
  10. T

    Mavic Pro - Fly Fishing & HOOKUPS!

    Loving this thing for filming, sooo versatile, it's been very reliable for my on the S7 with all the latest updates, no disconnections even out to 4km+. I just put her up in the air and pray for a hookup! Filmed in New Zealand - this country is just made for drone filming! Enjoy! Andrew
  11. K

    Taking off, Flying and filming schools. (Canada)

    I live near a lot of big open spaced schools and was wondering if there was any laws or regulations in filming and flying in the school area and property. Thanks.