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Best Mavic Pro Platnium/ Mavic Pro Case?


Jul 3, 2018
Hi, I just got my Mavic Pro Platinum and I'm going to be traveling soon and I don't want to carry the drone in it's original box. Does anyone know a good case for under 50$??

P.S. I only have one battery and i want the case to be pretty small.
I traveled to a few countries with the individual cases for remote, Mavic, and batteries and love it. I like being able to put the individual cases into my backpack or carryon, versus having a large case that needs to be carried on it’s own. 99% happy with it minus one zipper that fell off. Purchased on Amazon.
I designed two case inserts in adobe illustrator. one for the mavic and one for the spark.

I looked at many different options but none had the capacity or layout to hold all my gear.

I then bought 'kaizen' foam and took it to a Waterjet cutter in bayswater Melbourne along with the illustrator artwork.

The cases came from the local Bunnings. all up they came in at around $125 Aussie dollars each.. which is about one quarter the price of some off the shelf models..

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I tried the SMAtree D500 soft case and the Lowepro DroneGuard 250. But I wanted something to store my MavMount, so I ended up with the Nanuk 920.


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I've tried several cases but none of them were as satisfying as the Nanuk 920 case. It's been on a lot of trips and still looks brand new. Holds my MPP, batteries, cables, RC, charger etc. I think it will last forever, or at least until I get another drone someday.
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I'm using the Smatree carry case its ideal for carrying on your shoulder on long hikes, a ipad mini 4 also fits in the zipped lid and I have managed to carefully lay a small 55cm landing pad folded up in a bag on top of the mavic & batterys, the only thing I cant fit is the Skyreat compact mavic pro monitor mount which is a shame, so will have to carry in my pocket, so far I have been very happy with this setup and this case gets lots of good reviews.

Update - With a little bit more thought I was able to pack the skyreat monitor mount were the charger would normally go, along with a couple of spare props, a anker powerline lightning cable, and in the lid I pack the ipad mini 4 wrapped in some thin foam, and a set of four neewer ND filters, and finally the 55cm landing pad plastic pegs all taped together and put in a thin plastic bag, whilst I would not recommend throwing the case about I was able to carry it on my shoulder for several miles trek with no problems, this is far better than carrying a large case or large backpack about, a added bonus is the case is unobtrusive other people passing by don’t even realise you have a drone packed in the case.
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I prefer having the drone and remote in individual cases too, then they can go in whatever you use.
These cases were cheap but as good quality as more expensive ones.

The drone and remote in those cases fit just right in the main compartment of this sling pack, and batteries easily go in the smaller front compartment.
Like most tactical packs there’s lots of pockets and places for extras.
This one is cheaper than most backpacks made specifically for drones and probably more durable, and happens to be just slightly bigger than the dji bags that come with combos. Not too big, just right for mavic pros. Good system for just over 30$s.

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