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  1. F

    MA2 Carrying Case

    Hi Guys! Is there any semi-soft carrying case for magic air 2 in the market currently? I only find the IRCtek case at amazon ( Carrying Case for Mavic Air 2, IRCtek Portable Storage Bag Carrying Case for DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone/Remote Controller/Fly More Combo and Accessories: Toys &...
  2. erwol

    Mavic Air + Evil camera in the same case

    Hey guys, I'm leaving for Colombia next Saturday and I'm currently trying to optimize my camera bag. I thought about taking only one len with me and filling the rest of the space in my camera bag with my Mavic Air + it's controller. Thing is, the mavic doesn't fit my camera bag while inside...
  3. S

    Best Mavic Pro Platnium/ Mavic Pro Case?

    Hi, I just got my Mavic Pro Platinum and I'm going to be traveling soon and I don't want to carry the drone in it's original box. Does anyone know a good case for under 50$?? P.S. I only have one battery and i want the case to be pretty small.
  4. gjmphoto

    Case for Movario with Ace Solitaire

    I have been keeping my Moverios in the Ace Solitaire enclosure in the original Epson case, however, it's pretty tight. I love the Epson case, particularly with the molded well for the control unit and how light yet sturdy it is, but every time I zip it closed, I'm thinking about the wires inside...
  5. I

    DJI Mavic Air Rugged case makes a good launch Pad

    Tested out the freewell rugged case for the DJI Mavic Air.. not sure I need a rugged bag for the Mavic Air, but makes a great launch/land pad.
  6. thebigbaddan

    Laptop case = Mavic Air case

    Check this out. Repurposed 2000 era laptop case into my Mavic Air travel case. Fits great!
  7. thebigbaddan

    Controller Case for $5

    This just came in the mail today (took about a week from China). It's a hard case for your controller, and you can leave the flight sticks in. They should have included a case for the controller when we bought it... but this works well. Highly recommended. Portable Storage Case Bag for DJI...
  8. M

    Anybody do anything interesting with their case's leftover foam?

    Has anyone done anything interesting/useful with the leftover foam from their Mavic cases? It's nice, dense foam that feels like it could be useful. But right now it's just garbage taking up space in my closet. Just looking for ideas. Thanks
  9. B

    Smatree MA Case

    Anybody using this case? I'm curious about the outside shell and how much protection it offers - I'm not looking for something that's bulletproof (there seem to be a number of hard shell cases out there that fit that bill - e.g., the Harbor Freight case mentioned in other threads) but rather a...
  10. DroneDad68


    Hello all✌. New guy here thought I'd share this. Just got my first drone yesterday and like a noob I didn't order a case or anything to protect while hiking. Sooo had to think quick as I leave for the The Redwoods in 2 days. Off to the Walmart I go in hopes of finding something. What I did find...
  11. Amarand

    iPhone 8 Plus in Otterbox Symmetry Case

    So...just got my Mavic Air today, and realized that the iPhone 8 Plus in an Otterbox Symmetry case doesn't fit the Mavic controller (issues: the cable won't fit into the stand-off of the case, and the case won't physically fit.) So, there are options. The first being "don't use a case on my...
  12. CASE 1

    CASE 1

    Seahorse SE-920F Protective Wheeled Carry-on Case With Foam which I will use when I do more SAR work as it has plenty of room for all my extras; two chargers, MavMount, 7" tablet (not in it's slot at top) 5 + 1 batteries, props w/wifi hotspot, camera filters. All cables are under lid foam.
  13. pixl

    Canada ONLY - official DJI Mavic shoulder bag

    I got this as part of the "Fly More Combo", but have never used it. It still has the original wrapping and tags. Make me a reasonable offer, and you will pay the cost of shipping via Canada Post on top of the price (+/-$20). Or if you're in the GTA area, I might be able to meet you. I'd rather...
  14. Haloweenhamster

    case for Titan RC & AC

    I currently use this case but I have a Titan Atlas sat at customs Anyone know of a similar style of case that can be used with the Titan quick mount and connectors? A case just for the RC & disconnected Atlas would be good Anyone know of any options
  15. A

    THE BEST Mavic CASE - Bar None!

    Was tired of looking for a case that would work for what I wanted. I found that most only allowed limited items in it. Like you could have one charger but not the other ( House or Car charger ) in the case, and limited space for other items. Any case that I thought might work was CRAZY...
  16. Joely-Bird

    Nanuk Vs. LoPro

    I know there are a few posts on cases out there, I've narrowed down my choice to these two, and was curious to see what everyone else would choose! Nanuk or LowPro
  17. E

    Looking for the perfect case!

    OK, I'm looking for the perfect case that works for me and I haven't been able to find it yet. Maybe someone here can provide me with suggestions based on my requirements: * Must be small: The mavic is portable, and I don't want a case that defies the purpose of portability * I'm ok with hard...
  18. O

    bag to fit mavic with nanosync antenna mod ?

    Looking for a small soft case or backpack for mavic with batteries and controller with nanosync antenna installed, would be great to fit the tablet as well, any recommendation? I liked the original dji mavic shoulder bag but is too small to fit it all, specially nanosync now :( new toys, new...
  19. A

    Case recommendations

    Well..I searched this forum for cases and found too much information. There were even lists and pictures which were excellent. I just wanted to see if I can get some input for those that have cases already based on my use: 1) I will rarely be on a plane with it. Maybe 1-2 times a year. 2)...
  20. rossmoney

    Incase Compression Case

    Absolutely LOVing my Incase compression case for the MP. As pictured, It holds the mavic, 4 batteries, controller, extra blades, and my landing leg extension kit. (Also pictured is my favorite new lipo battery case by Telesin, $9, holds two batteries) The compression case itself is 1.5 lbs...