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  1. Joely-Bird

    Nanuk Vs. LoPro

    I know there are a few posts on cases out there, I've narrowed down my choice to these two, and was curious to see what everyone else would choose! Nanuk or LowPro
  2. E

    Looking for the perfect case!

    OK, I'm looking for the perfect case that works for me and I haven't been able to find it yet. Maybe someone here can provide me with suggestions based on my requirements: * Must be small: The mavic is portable, and I don't want a case that defies the purpose of portability * I'm ok with hard...
  3. O

    bag to fit mavic with nanosync antenna mod ?

    Looking for a small soft case or backpack for mavic with batteries and controller with nanosync antenna installed, would be great to fit the tablet as well, any recommendation? I liked the original dji mavic shoulder bag but is too small to fit it all, specially nanosync now :( new toys, new...
  4. A

    Case recommendations

    Well..I searched this forum for cases and found too much information. There were even lists and pictures which were excellent. I just wanted to see if I can get some input for those that have cases already based on my use: 1) I will rarely be on a plane with it. Maybe 1-2 times a year. 2)...
  5. rossmoney

    Incase Compression Case

    Absolutely LOVing my Incase compression case for the MP. As pictured, It holds the mavic, 4 batteries, controller, extra blades, and my landing leg extension kit. (Also pictured is my favorite new lipo battery case by Telesin, $9, holds two batteries) The compression case itself is 1.5 lbs...

    DJI Low Profile Spark Propeller Case

    DJI Spark Low Profile Prop Case. Protect your spare propellers from nicks & disfigurement. This case was designed with size & portability in mind. Now you can carry your spare propellers around without worry of damage. Damage & Disfigurement can throw off the balance of your propellers...
  7. D

    Mavic Pro Cases - Australian sellers

    Hi, I'm not keen on the DJI case. I do like the look of the PolarPro case. Anyone know of any Australian retailers or recommend another case? Thanks, Lee
  8. K

    DJI Magic and Goggles Carry Case

    For those in Australia who want a carry case for their Mavic and Goggles . I have been able to fit my Mavic, controller, 2 spare batteries, charger, smart hub, spare props, cables, prop guards and my goggles into the one case. It is a Craftright Safe Case 515X435X225mm from Bunnings for around...
  9. MisterMavic

    DJI Goggles Case?

    Anyone find any cases online yet to store and transport the DJI Goggles? Using the box for now.
  10. O

    What do you actually carry while traveling.

    What do you carry when when you travel, and how do you carry it? My current situation is I have a carrying case from amazon that fits everything. But I really don't need 4 batteries while flying overseas.
  11. Joyceluo

    2Pcs Set Small Mavic Pro Drone Body + Remote Controller Hard shell Bag

    This bag set is very fit for the DJI Mavic Pro , its perfect size is convenient to take the Mavic Pro outside, if you want to go to out to take the beautiful scenery. Check here : 2Pcs Set Remote Controller/ Drone Body Bag Hardshell Case Of Storage Box Case Bag for DJI Mavic Pro
  12. Mr Tic tac

    What do you think about this?

    Hello everyone, I was searching for a waterproof case and I fond this on amazon. What do you think about this, is it good, worth for the price it is? If you don't think so, tell me which product should I buy and send me a link or a picture, I am searching for something cheap enough, thanks...
  13. drifter136

    Mavic Pro Case from the Box - DIY - Free Case - Don't Buy a Case

    Don't buy a case for the Mavic. Make one out of the Box, then throw it into your backpack or camera bag. If it was good enough to ship it in, it's good enough to store it in. It's an ecofriendly solution. It is convenient durable and if you want to beef it up, spray it with bedliner or...
  14. Daskid

    Car charger and charging hub dimensions needed

    Hello all! I'm in the process of cutting my pelican case foam (model 1510) and I would like to know the dimensions (L×W×H) of the DJI official car charger and charging hub. Google did not show me anything other than shipping box dimensions. I appreciate the help! Thanks!
  15. Achilles

    Share Your Mavic Setup & Case/Bag

    I gotta come clean. As I saw people posting their awesome setups, must have accessories and water tight Pelican cases, I struggled to find the right combination of gadgets to bag/case. I musta dropped the iM2050 Pelican in my Amazon cart a thousand times but never pulled the trigger. So i...
  16. A

    Amazon carry bag

    Hi everyone, I've just received the DSLR bag from Amazon prime for £18.99 and it's great! Everything fits perfectly and there's extra room for a few spare batteries (when I receive them. The bag has a well padded soft lining, isn't too big and is a fraction of the price of the DJI bag...
  17. Mako79

    Controller Hack - Phone with case.

    For those who don't like to fly naked (phone with no case). Nothing worse then fumbling around and dropping your phone. I just shaved the rubber bits to a gradient slope. Fits my 9mm thick S7edge with case nicely. I did both sides. Remove 3 screws on each side. And slide both rubbers in...
  18. Easty

    First day with the mavic

    I made a little log of my first day with the Mavic, Just a little look at it close up, a couple of flight modes and the cases/bags i'm using for it for adventuring. As a P4 owner and using a drone for travelling, backpacking, travelling on motorcycle this device is a sure delight, size is...
  19. N

    iPhone Case fit Controller?

    For those who have their mavic, i'm wondering whether or not i will need to take my iPhone case off every time I fly? How much does the lighting cable male end stick out? I have an iPhone 7 with this case...