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2Pcs Set Small Mavic Pro Drone Body + Remote Controller Hard shell Bag

I was really thinking of that these cases too . I'm still undecided cause I would still want to bring the charger and other stuff too .
Because for around 25 bucks I can throw the two pieces in a backpack, I already own, with the batteries and charger and don't have to spend any more money!
I plan on getting these and throwing them in a lowepro sling bag. I'm just on the fence with either a 150aw or 250aw.. I like the compact size of the 150 but might get the 250 for the extra space if needed for other EDC items
This bag set is very fit for the DJI Mavic Pro , its perfect size is convenient to take the Mavic Pro outside, if you want to go to out to take the beautiful scenery.
Check here : 2Pcs Set Remote Controller/ Drone Body Bag Hardshell Case Of Storage Box Case Bag for DJI Mavic Pro
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I have the hard cases and like them for ease of access to the drone and control versus the DJI case I use for travel. The battery charger and a spare battery may be needed but if not , this is a quick deploy solution.


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I have these cases and they're awesome. I use them when I don't want to take my whole mavic bag, but instead want to just throw it in a backpack with an extra battery. Did that this last weekend while hiking and it was perfect in that situation.
I just ordered a set. It's 14 bucks so very low risk for me. I like throwing the mavic into my backpack anyways, so this will make it even easier to do so.
Yes, but for like 26 bucks. If you need them in 2 days and you have prime, then that would be the way to go. But I chose to wait and spend half the money.

Thanks, I see at least three identical looking sets on Amazon, all in the same price range. One claims to be water resistant. None have the same name as the one originally referenced here. Do you know if there are differences and which one on Amazon is the one to get?
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