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  1. M

    Mavic 3 bag

    If you buy a standard or basic Mavic 3, what about a bag or a case? How do you carry the thing around? The standard Mavic 3 doesn't come with any case. And no one has one ready to ship. Not even DJI! They're all on pre-order. Bummer! There are a couple of people selling the DJI Mavic 3...
  2. B

    Air 2/2S Bag Recommendations

    I recently bought the Air 2S fly more combo, which of course comes with the carry bag. However I’m wondering if anyone’s got a suggestion for a smaller bag that can carry just the drone, controller and filter set? Something smaller that will keep it all safe that I can put into a backpack? Don’t...
  3. rickfmdj

    DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Shoulder Bag $30

    For sale is one Brand New shoulder bag for DJI Mavic Air 2 and smaller. This bag has never been used. Message me if you are interested. Pickup is in Gurnee IL near the mall or can ship. (payment accepted is PayPal) Thanks...
  4. M

    Perfect bag for Fly More Combo with Smart Controller

    Found the perfect bag to pack my fly more combo and smart controller. I have packed in the Bag the MA2, 5 batteries, the SC, charging cable, replacement props, two sets of DJI ND filters, lens cleaning pen and some other misc. weighs 6lbs. Only slightly larger than standard fly more bag. Bought...
  5. DDS

    Ultimaxx Hardshell Backpack for Mavic 2

    Ultimaxx Hardshell Backpack for Mavic 2 (Fits Smart Controller Or Regular Remote) Features: Ideal for travel easy to carry, suitable for outdoor activities or home storage. Backpack is equipped with a built-in light-weight aluminum carry handle and comfortable adjustable shoulder straps. Back...
  6. F

    Brand new opened but never flown Mavic pro with fly more comb Hershey PA USA $975.00 obo

    I bought the mavic pro fly more almost 5 months ago. I was waiting until I could get the Dji refresh before I activated the drone. Well long story short I unfortunately need to sell it. Comes with all fly more combo extras plus take off landing pad, leg extensions, and sun shade screen. Buyer...
  7. B

    Mavic Air Bags... what are you using to carry your drone?

    Just wondered what you are all using to carry your drone around in? When I got my drone I chose to purchase accessories separately because of the bad reviews of the fly more bag. So I got the PGYTECH hard shell case which has served me well. Just now I have a power bank and more filters so I...
  8. G


    Hi Guys. I really need your help. im looking for a bag for the following 1. mavic pro and accesories 2. gopro hero 5 black and accesories 3. DSLR plus 2 lenses 4. and at least place for a laptop and gorrila pod please let me know
  9. I

    DJI Mavic Air Rugged case makes a good launch Pad

    Tested out the freewell rugged case for the DJI Mavic Air.. not sure I need a rugged bag for the Mavic Air, but makes a great launch/land pad.
  10. Narayita

    Posted a new in-depth review I made of the GPC Mavic Pro Backpack

    Check it out guys, I wanted a good backpack that I could take out hiking in rough conditions with my Mavic pro, I knew that this bag was gonna be quality from my experience with 5.11 Tactical bags from my time in the Army. I'm really happy to report that the compartment for a camel-back is...
  11. DroneDad68


    Hello all✌. New guy here thought I'd share this. Just got my first drone yesterday and like a noob I didn't order a case or anything to protect while hiking. Sooo had to think quick as I leave for the The Redwoods in 2 days. Off to the Walmart I go in hopes of finding something. What I did find...
  12. S

    Can anyone recommend a bag that fits TWO Mavics?

    Can anyone recommend a backpack (not a sling) that could fit two Mavics? A bit of background, I am often in scenarios where I am in the middle of nowhere and so a backup Mavic is a must. Still need to pack very lightly though. I needed to pack two Mavics, two controllers, two chargers, 4...
  13. R

    Fly More Bag and Battery storage while out and about

    Hey guys. I'm wondering how you handle extra batteries (in my case 2 from the fly more combo) when out with your Mavic. As you know, the Fly More Combo includes a bag, and i really like it! But once the controller and unit itself are tucked in there, the two additional batteries don't really fit...
  14. O

    bag to fit mavic with nanosync antenna mod ?

    Looking for a small soft case or backpack for mavic with batteries and controller with nanosync antenna installed, would be great to fit the tablet as well, any recommendation? I liked the original dji mavic shoulder bag but is too small to fit it all, specially nanosync now :( new toys, new...
  15. Ciawz

    WTS DJI shoulder bag and car charger

    For sale DJI shoulder bag for mavic pro 1time testing only 80$ Dji car charger for mavic pro Still in the original packaging, never use 50$ Free shipping throughout Indonesia Will post the pictures later Thanks
  16. U

    Found a case for the Goggles

    Hello guys I was searching through ebay for goggles accessories and came across a case for the goggles, wondering what you guys think? Should I buy? Just search dji goggles case. Only one or two models available. Let me know, thanks!
  17. 1

    Mavic - Shoulder Bag - $50 + Shipping

    I'm sure everyone knows which bag I'm selling, but here is the pic from DJI's website. The backstory is that I just bought the Mavic Pro Costco deal (comes with prop guards and bag). The bag won't fit all my stuff so I'm selling. It's never been opened per the pics below. Price is $50 plus...
  18. MikeC

    Fly More Bag $45 +shipping

    Fly more bag, never used.
  19. Y

    Combo bag one way storage

    I found out with much frustration yesterday that the bag you get with the combo package has a bit of a design fault. Usually I put the mavic in the bag camera first but yesterday I put it in camera up. It took ages to get the bloody thing out of the bag. I was beginning to think I may have...
  20. Joyceluo

    2Pcs Set Small Mavic Pro Drone Body + Remote Controller Hard shell Bag

    This bag set is very fit for the DJI Mavic Pro , its perfect size is convenient to take the Mavic Pro outside, if you want to go to out to take the beautiful scenery. Check here : 2Pcs Set Remote Controller/ Drone Body Bag Hardshell Case Of Storage Box Case Bag for DJI Mavic Pro