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mavic pro platinum

  1. redserv

    Whats a Fair Price SOLD!!

    Heya Guys I purchased my new bird and wanted to get rid of of my Mavic Pro Platinum Bundle. What you guys think is a fair price for all this below: 1x Mavic Pro Platinum with case (Great Condition) 3x Batteries with case with charger and charging brick 1x RC controller with...
  2. kimpanattoni

    Carbon Fiber ID and Tip Chips?

    Heya everyone, Kim here: I was wondering as I read all of the Carbon Fibre prop threads... My roomie's MP Platinum came with a set of what appear to be CF props, but I am not certain now as I read about all of the wraps and other misnomers regarding CF. I am posting this particular question...
  3. M

    New Pilot-Near dMv( Maryland/Prince George’s County)

    New Pilot, I purchased Mavic Pro Platinum In 2019 and returned it due to all of the restrictions in the DMV. I’m trying it out again now with more optimism, Any areas in Maryland just outside of the 15-30 miles of Reagan National, (just outside/inside PG county that are worth visiting to fly? I...
  4. M

    FS: (SOLD) dji accessories from a MPP that was barely used (SOLD)

    * items sold *
  5. M

    Rules and regulations in Thailand

    Hey everyone, I'm gonna but of a pickle. I'm travelling to Asia in about 1 month and the plan is to backpack through several countries. One of them is Thailand. I have been reading of the laws and regulations regarding flying a drone in Thailand. I had no idea that you had to register your...
  6. C

    Just ordered these...

    Now I just need a drone! MPP coming soon! Included in this set is both the Cinema Series Vivid Collection and Shutter Collection. The Vivid and Shutter Collections are part of PolarPro’s Cinema Series line. Featuring the highest-grade glass and coatings delivering perfect optics. The Cinema...
  7. C

    Looking to scoop this up...thoughts?

    I have my heart set on a MPP, not a M2P or a refurbished model. I have my reasons and this one is at the tippy top of my price range. Any input would be very appreciated...
  8. C

    Not Quite New...Yet

    Hello everyone! I’m picking up my first ever drone soon, a Mavic Pro Platinum. I’ve drooled over this drone since it was released and finally convinced the Mrs. to allow me to buy one. I’m beyond excited to get out there and explore the capabilities of this drone and myself. Its awesome to see...
  9. jimlips

    Following some bicycles near Sacramento, CA

    I was out flying my Mavic Pro Platinum the other night right at sunset, which provided some really interesting coloring in the following video. Some bicycles came riding by, so I thought I would see how far I could follow them. The gold bridge is known as the TOWER BRIDGE, as it is the...
  10. jtmagx

    Underside of core board connection damaged

    I need to know if I need to replace the entire core board or if I can replace just the ribbon and the connector that the ribbon connects to? It looks like someone tried to force the connection the wrong way and bent/damaged some of the tiny gold connectors. It looks the connection that is on the...
  11. S

    Mavic Pro Platinum Coreboard A bricked

    A few weeks ago, I bricked the coreboard A in my Mavic Pro Platinum while trying to flash firmware 1.03.0700 using DUMLdore. When the "bricked" coreboard is installed, the mavic can turn on but won't connect to the computer or remote, and the LED's are red. At the time, I didn't know that...
  12. T

    Looking For A Previously Owned Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo - Greater Twin Cities Area

    I am interested in purchasing a previously owned Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo currently located in, or near, the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area, so I can drive to your location and examine what you are selling first hand. I'm only interested in a very well cared for drone and...
  13. MPone

    For Sale Mavic Pro Platinum with fly more combo kit & extras (also modified with 4Hawks SR antenna) **SOLD**

    Price: $649 free shipping to lower 48. - UAS is totally problem free, but had a scratch on the front starboard side leg due to hitting a rock during a windy landing (see photo below) - Comes with original packaging - Polar Pro Cinematic Series ND filters (ND4, 8, 16, 32) - Polar Pro leg...
  14. dpwarren


    Mavic Pro Platinum with Fly More Combo Kit plus 4th battery and GPC hard case. It has been immaculately kept and has never had a hard landing and hasn't touched anything while in the air. Was used for lightweight professional real estate work. Aircraft is located in the Dallas/FW area. Price...
  15. T

    Brand New Mavic Air for Sale

    Selling a brand new Mavic Air (Artic White) for $750. Mavic has never been flown, and can still be activated for dji Refresh. All included original accessories are included except box. I received this as a replacement for a fly away which dji deemed a warranty issue, but I had already went out...
  16. G

    MPP yaw motion 'hesitates' when releasing gimbal tilt control

    My Mavic Platinum Pro video jumps at the end of a gimbal tilt (up or down) while also yawing, every time. You can see (and hear) the drone hesitate in its yaw action when this happens. Thought this was a gimbal issue, and had drone replaced with a new one. Same issue with brand new drone...
  17. Gordon Albert

    Greetings From A New Pilot, Sarawak Malaysia

    Greetings from Sarawak, Malaysia, Just bought my Mavic Pro Platinum last weekend. Did a first solo flight, basically manual takeoffs and landings, climbing and hoovering and fly around to test the unit. My hands still trembling due to nervousness:eek::eek:... Need more practice and guide from...
  18. S

    Strange mavic pro behaviour lead to smash into building

    During my visit to Helsinki I decided to take the drone with me for some after work play last week. The day light is long these days which encouraged me to fly the drone. The hotel is located directly neat water channel from the sea, so I prepared for the fly. Calibrated the compass and flown...
  19. L

    Compass Error - Crash

    Yesterday while flying my MPP, on a nice long roundabout route, I experienced a compass error and then a crash. I was out in a ballfield and had flown approximately 4000 feet away at about 380 feet high. I got down to about 40% battery and hit the RTH button. I had flown a little in sport mode...
  20. S

    Best Mavic Pro Platnium/ Mavic Pro Case?

    Hi, I just got my Mavic Pro Platinum and I'm going to be traveling soon and I don't want to carry the drone in it's original box. Does anyone know a good case for under 50$?? P.S. I only have one battery and i want the case to be pretty small.