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Strange mavic pro behaviour lead to smash into building


Jun 7, 2018
During my visit to Helsinki I decided to take the drone with me for some after work play last week. The day light is long these days which encouraged me to fly the drone.

The hotel is located directly neat water channel from the sea, so I prepared for the fly. Calibrated the compass and flown the drone for 15 min fine. pictures were stunning.

Changed the battery and let the drone to fly second time, this time it was just 3min of horror. I took the drone up to 25m then back over the water for about 50m to stay a way from the hotel tall structure.

First I get many warnings of compass issues during fly. The message keep repeating that maximum altitude for compass failure of 5m reached, followed by several gps issues. During this time I left the drone hovering over water at 50m altitude.

Without any notice or me touching the RC, the drone start going right and left first. Then it charged with maximum speed toward the hotel building. It was like huge magnet pulling the drone or someone else controlling it.

I watched hopelessly the drone flying toward the building and smashed (face forward) to the corner of I think 6th or 7th floor. The crash sound was so loud I thought the drone would explode. At this time I was expecting the drone to fall down but it returned back like drunk person who got hit by hammer.

So I pushed the stick back trying to take it a way from the hotel and the drone react with strange pattern. But I realized I'm over water again, if it fall down there then I will have problem with care refresh. However after that it starts to fly normal again to my surprise. So I was able to land it safe near start point.

Damage were extensive in the middle (between the front two sensors), somehow it seems full structure been affected as I was not able to place the gimbal holder or its cover.

I never thought the drone will have front crash especially when I never deactivate intelligent crash avoidance systems.

The drone been sent to Dji now for analysis as this was really scary, dangerous and unexpected behavior.

I'm using latest released FW with mavic pro platinum. The drone is just 4 months old with 40 flight records and total 6h20min flying time

Another important lesson I learned, because the drone was kaputt then I decided to put it in checked-in luggage on flight back and not carry it with me. Upon arrival I found a paper inside the bag from airport security that they have removed all 3 batteries from the bag. **** how stupid I was :(

Jul 18th, 2018 09:29PM | General / Overview | Drone Flight Log from DJI GO app, version 4.2.22 on iOS | Total Mileage: 1,146 ft | Finland | Airdata UAV
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And lost 3 batteries as well... That's like getting kicked when you are already down
Well this trip from start was not normal, on the way to Helsinki we circled over the city for one hour until the pilot decided to divert to Tallinn to refuel and we stayed on the plane for two additional hours. The reason was Putin and Trump could not finish hugging each other and say goodbye at HEL. So the airport was closed for almost 3 hours. :eek::rolleyes:o_O
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