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firmware .1000

  1. T

    New mavic fimware out of the box.

    Hi all after sending back 2 phantom 3 se drones because od sd card issues and sevral other problems i bit the bullet and bought a mavic,i studied countless videos and read as much as i could but the one worrying thing that kept popping up was the word FIRMWARE UPDATESon unboxing the current ac...
  2. T

    "Vision system error" after a firmware update (no access to gimbal and front sensors not working)

    Hi folks, Need your help! Spent now more than 12 hours on my issue of which 5 hours with DJI support chat without any help. I tried to upgrade to firmware V01.04.0100 but the update originally did not go through, it looked to be successful but when restarting the app the firmware update popped...
  3. C

    Grainy and Noisy footage at 100 ISO

    Hi there! I'm a new and proud owner of a Mavic pro and really enjoy flying it. The only problem is I can't use my footage, even at ISO 100 it looks noisy an horrible in some areas. When the sun was setting I changed the ISO to 400 to correct the brightness. And after I checked my footage it was...
  4. littlewings

    Firmware v.1000 and the hot spot issue

    So, I ran some tests with the new firmware and I found that the red spot issue is apparently solved. Has anyone else seem similar results?
  5. F

    Access Flight Data after firmaware up data to v01.03.1000

    Hi Pilots, Please help me out. Has anyone managed to access their Flight Data after upgrading to Firmware v01.03.1000? I had no trouble before. But since updating, the drive doesn't seem to mount through DJI Assistant 2. I've tried a couple of refreshes, but still no good. I'm...
  6. DroneTone

    Goggles firmware v01.03.1000 and Mavic firmware v01.03.700

    I prefer using firmware v01.03.700 on my Mavic Pro, opposed to using any later firmware. However, I would like to try firmware v01.03.1000 on the goggles to try out some of the changes. Has anyone tried this combination of .700 on the Mavic and .1000 on the goggles? Does it work? (I realize...