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firmware issue

  1. Amit Dunsky

    Firmware v01.00.0300 totally broke 360 pano [resolved]

    Apparently, since the update of Firmware v01.00.0300 , the 360 pano is totally broken! Yes, the skies looks better now at the "dome of the pano" (probably due to the increase of the camera tilt angle), but the frames stitching is now totally broken, rendering the panos unusable. See an example...
  2. M

    Incompatible firmvare version

    Hello! I just bought myself a mavic mini and was gonna try it out for the first time. Problem is i cannot lift because it says Incompatible firmware version (Code: 30224) but when i try to update it says everything is up to date? how can i solve this issue i cannot use the drone...
  3. K

    Error with DUMLdoreV3 to install Firmware V01.03.0700_Mavic_dji_system

    Buenos amigos. Se disculpa si rompo alguna regla del foro, pero si no hablo inglés me cuesta entenderlo. Leí algún post tratando de encontrar respuestas. Estoy intentando instalar el Firmware V01.03.0700_Mavic_dji_system con DUMLdore, pero no me lo permite, aparece una excepción de error no...
  4. T

    "Vision system error" after a firmware update (no access to gimbal and front sensors not working)

    Hi folks, Need your help! Spent now more than 12 hours on my issue of which 5 hours with DJI support chat without any help. I tried to upgrade to firmware V01.04.0100 but the update originally did not go through, it looked to be successful but when restarting the app the firmware update popped...
  5. pierakim

    [HELP] - Mavic Pro No Longer Usable After FW & App Update

    Hi everyone, I bought a Mavic Pro three weeks ago and what an amazing bird! I took the time to read a lot of things about it, how to set it, to calibrate it, to use it the right way..And people from this forum helped a lot! I didn't want to crash it or to miss something from the config. During...
  6. J

    Firware update keeps failing

    I'm trying to do my first firmware update and it keeps failing on me. My batteries were fully charged. It looks like it gets to about 73% and sits there for quite some time but finally displays a failed upgrade. Then the DJI app is basically locked up and won't let me do any thing afterwards...


    Hey Guys. So I have just started a 5 week trip through Canada (from Australia) and my Mav bricked 2 days before I left. Urgent help needed. This is a bit of a follow on (with extra issues) from: Controller 'Connecting' This is what has happened: * Gimbal "overload error" and won't stay still...