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  1. D

    i found a mavic on a hike in los angeles

    it seems to be in fine condition but it doesn't have the plastic cover over the camera. I have no use for it and want to sell it . if anyone is interested please let me know.
  2. R

    Found mavic pro Menifee ,lake Elsinore

    Found a crashed drone looking for the owner I have seiral number and wifi password on arm it's been about two weeks I don't know how or have the time to hunt him down is there an easy way to get ahold of him. Thanks
  3. B

    Mavic Pro saved by crane

    I backed my MP into a treetop about 88 feet off the ground while getting in position for a picture. I could see with binoculars that it was in good condition....just really stuck up there. After pondering what to do for four days, and with a rainstorm coming, I finally called my neighborhood...
  4. J

    Mavic Pro found - Kittery Maine

    The drone was found near Sarah Mildred Long Bridge in Kittery around April 1st. The FAA number is on the bird, so we have made notification but haven't heard anything. Just trying another route to getting the drone back in the hands of the owner. FAA registration ends in FMLM. I've read a...
  5. L

    Need a pilot's help

    Hi, I'm new here and I really need someone's help. I live in Cortlandt Manor, northern suburb in Westchester county. My 1 year old rescue Yorkie-poo went missing on Sunday and despite a few sightings, we have been unable to find her. We believe she is in the woods somewhere within a mile and a...
  6. J

    FOUND: Eugene, Or. DJI Mavicpro

    Greetings all, I found a DJI MavicPro stuck in a low tree in Eugene, Oregon. Looks like it may have been there a while, the battery is dead on it, however still working, it lit green when I first pressed the button. I am trying to find the owner, write me on the board and then pm me the mavic...
  7. F

    Found Mavic Colorado Springs Sept 9th

    I found a Mavic beside Rampart Range Road near Colorado Springs, CO on Sept. 9th, 2017. Drove around area for almost 2 hours looking for possible owner with no luck. Took home and posted on Craigslist but have had no replies. Found your Forum; hoping to return the drone to rightful owner. It...
  8. S

    Mavic found - North Berwick, Scotland

    Just reposting something from Facebook. Someone found a Mavic on a beach in North Berwick, Scotland. Link right here