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  1. C

    Blue Zone - Authoization - Help

    Real quick question. I just purchased a Mavic 2 Zoom, and wanted to fly it where I normally do. Well, this time there is a blue bow tie zone just touching the area I want to fly in. I try never to fly yellow zones (now blue I guess?) Anyways, if I do fly in that zone I would use the app to...
  2. V

    DJI may allow large enterprise users to opt out of Geo if they are willing to pay $$$$$

    Well, it looks like DJI is thinking about allowing their large enterprise users to completely opt out of Geo if they are willing to pay money. So much for Geo being all about safety! If you are large enough and willing to pay enough they will allow you to opt out of Geo. Kind of a Pay for Play...
  3. M

    DJI to restrict non-compliant drones at next software update

    I feel like this is something that is constantly discussed on these forums and this is worrying to me. Does anyone have more info on this? Are they saying those that had already upgraded to .700 will be restricted if they don't do the next updated coming? The biggest concern to me, is the...
  4. Peel

    Airspace Warnings Post .0600 Update

    After updating to the latest firmware (.0600) I took my Mavic for a flight while visiting my sister's place over Easter weekend. I checked the sectional before I went there and determined that her house was in Class G Airspace - no problems. But when I started up the Mavic and got GPS lock, I...
  5. M

    Geo option disappears

    Am I alone in the fact my Geo settings come and go? It seems to have happened across multiple firmware versions. I lose the ability to turn Geo on and off, no Geo settings in the map, and it doesn't show airports on the map.
  6. M

    NFZ Limit Cannot Take Off After .600 Firmware

    I am attempting to fly in multiple places that I have flown over the past three weeks since acquiring my Mavic. None of which are NFZ's though they do fall in and around Geo green circles. I pushed the .600 update today, and on my first flight the controller indicated NFZ Limit for a few seconds...