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  1. SkyeHigh

    Loss of Gimbal control after .510 upgrade

    I’ve had an odd issue with a Mavic Pro 2 following firmware .510 upgrade on the aircraft and controller. On launch the aircraft hovered normally but there was no control of the gimbal from the controller. The camera image was unstable. When powered down the gimbal can be moved freely so nothing...
  2. Gael M

    Camera gimbal weird. Horizon not OK. Strange sub movement while tilting UP/DOWN

    Hello mavic pilots ! Short personal presentation, , I'm a drone pilot In Rennes, France, with 4 years of practice. Also a private plane and helicopter pilot (15 years of practise). While doing the first test flight of a new Mavic 2 Pro copy received from DJI Repair center Holland, I've noticed...
  3. J

    Mavic Pro Black Screen on App

    Hello, I've got a Mavic Pro with displays a black screen on the app once booted. I can control the gimbal and see the overlays but the actual feed is dark. So far I've tried the following fixes: Tried replacing the video cable, AIO board, camera lens and whoe camera assembly with spares. Reset...