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gimbal issue

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    Help! Gimbal Question

    Hi, I'm new to Mavic Pro. Recently, I notice my Mavic Pro's Gimbal is not stable when I shake the drone left and right (see the link for my demonstration). Is this normal? Is this how the gimbal supposed to be? Or it should be fixed in a position even when I shake it? demonstration link...
  2. B

    Mavic Pro Gimbal completley snapped off

    Hi all, Needing some serious help! SILVER GIMBAL CABLE HAS SNAPPED My friend bought a new DJI Mavic Pro in South Africa. When we were traveling Europe he crashed it from quite a height and felt that he didn't want to (couldn't be bothered) to repair/replace it, The damage that is sustained...
  3. C

    Gimbal Malfunction - No crash

    Desperate for some guidance here! This Mavic has been flying perfect since I pre-ordered at the launch. Couldn't be happier - until this week. Had flown the drone a few times that day, drove to another spot and forgot to remove the gimbal on power up (not the first time but not at all a...
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    I seem to have a gimbal issue that no one else has had. (Video Included)

    Video here: Hi everyone, The gimbal on my <30 days old Mavic is malfunctioning in some way that is causing it to pan down anywhere from 10-30 degrees every time the drone accelerates forward. Trying to correct for this by turning the gimbal wheel to pan up causes the up and down "jumping"...