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gimbal overloaded

  1. N

    Gimbal Motor Overloaded

    Welcome to my story of Gimbal Motor Overload. Around 4 months ago I starting getting the dreaded GMO pop up while flying my Mavic 2 Zoom. The camera wouldn't stabilize and thought that's not ideal, packed it away and decided to sort it at a later date. Couple of weeks later I took it out for a...
  2. Jeromeroscoe

    Mavic 2 Zoom crash gimbal overload

    Mavic 2 Zoom took a decent fall from the sky, camera on the gimbal faces backwards and rotates up. Does anyone know a fix for this or do I absolutely have to send it to DJI, sadly I dont have the refresh insurance.
  3. M

    Gimbal Overload and Completely Stop Working in High Wind?

    Was flying around the Amalfi Coast while on Vacation in Italy last week. I got the "high wind" warning and then the gimbal just started going crazy and would not stop moving. Few minutes later got a warning that the gimbal was overloaded. Usually this only happens for a second or two and then...
  4. C

    Gimbal Not Working / Overload

    Hi, I'm fairly new to Mavic & drones overall. I had a minor crash. The props were broken, apart from that everything seemed fine. I changed the props. I tried a flight, the Mavic flies just fine, my camera was recording, but a wobbbly/shaky image. I then realized my gimbal's back "anti drop...
  5. A

    camera gimbal obstruction restarting (gimbal overloaded) help pls

    I fly around 10times and after i get message gimbal obstruction and i tried it calibrate sometimes it do. But usually it don't start calibrating. I try IMU and compass then was successful but cant take off. after restart same problem. I tried give down 2 bumper to make space and it calibrate...