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  1. maurotandoi

    3 Glacier Fellaria, Alps | HDR

  2. Jim D

    3 Sunrise on Mt. Baker

    Manual pano shot with the tele camera, RAW, processed and stitched in ACR.
  3. akdrone

    3 A glacier somewhere in Alaska

    Alaskan Glacier Mavic 3
  4. Maik Kellerhals

    2 Pro Klausen Pass and spectacular glacier lake in Switzerland

    The climb up was worth it!
  5. Maik Kellerhals

    2 Pro Around and inside the Rhône Glacier

    Took advantage of some nice weather to finally visit the source of the Rhône river in Switzerland.
  6. San_Marino

    Air 2 Flying a drone over an active volcano in Iceland

    It doesn't take much drone-piloting skill to make Iceland look good. Here are some shots of Fagradalsfjall volcano, Seljalandsfoss waterfall, and Vatnajökull glacier. The lava flow has blocked all foot traffic close to the volcano. Thanks to the drone I was able to see right into the cauldron.
  7. K

    Montana and Wyoming

    Hi everyone! Looking for spots between Yellowstone and Glacier National Park in which I could fly my Mavic. Of course the National Parks are out of the question, but I bet there has to be s few sweet spots! Thank you!!
  8. Maik Kellerhals

    Beautiful Glacier views from Switzerland!

    Went really high up this time to see beautiful glacier landscapes at Längfluh near Saas-Fee in Switzerland:
  9. Jim D

    Mt. Baker Sunrise

    Screen grab from MP2
  10. Jim D

    Glacier Basin, Central Cascades

    Not many glaciers left up here. M2P, Many RAW files stacked & blended, then stitched in ACR.
  11. MikeC

    Fall in Alaska