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go 4 app

  1. RonanCork

    DGI GO 4 app: New release worth upgrading to ?

    Hey Guys (sorry if this has been posted already) Anyone update to the latest DGI-GO-4 app ? Looks like it's just a dual remote controller update. Is there anywhere that shows a list of app release with their release notes ? (i.e. so we know if it's "worth" upgrading to). I bought my drone in...
  2. A

    MA Compass Calibration - DJI Go 4 app vs Litchi app?

    I’ve seen far too many posts regarding the frustration of wanting to fly but unable to, due to persistent compass calibration requests by the DGI Go 4 app. I also have received this and it seems to coincide with traveling some distance from the previous location where a flight was successful...
  3. R

    Gimbal Settings are missing

    I'm using GO 4 v4.3.4(689-GooglePlay). Under Settings, I don't have a Gimbal icon between the Aircraft Battery icon and the three dots for general settings. I have a Mavic 2 Zoom. Can you tell me what I'm missing? Using Android and it shows no update.
  4. S

    NOOB question about DJI GO app flight records

    When I watch my flight in the Flight Records section of the app, I see the telemetry along the top of the screen. On the right is an icon that looks like a stack of papers. This allows one to select map, satellite, or hybrid view. Below that is a vertical bar with tick marks along it and a round...
  5. 51 Drones

    Samsung Galaxy issues anyone else?

    So for about 2 months, I have been having the following issues with DJI Go 4 and my Samsung Galaxy S8+. Anytime I try to toggle some of the settings in under the "gear" icon, they don't work. For example, I toggle the histogram on, then return to main screen, but no histogram. Then I return...