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hard case

  1. Lykus

    You said it and we just made it - Lykus NEW hard case for Mavic Air 2S and RC Pro

    While we were still having fun with Mavic 3 and launching our cases, we received messages one and another from our case owners asking when we would have a case for Air 2S and RC Pro. The change of Smart Controller in the Air 2S combo really caught us off guard. But thanks to those messages and...
  2. AeroMirage

    Custom case arrived today for M2P

    Anyone wanting a custom case made, Mycasebuilder is an excellent source. I designed my own case and got it in 2 weeks. Total delivered was $274.00. That includes a $35 upgrade for better foam and $8.99 do-over insurance. (For $8.99 they offer re-cutting if your item doesn't fit, they will make...
  3. Joely-Bird

    Nanuk Vs. LoPro

    I know there are a few posts on cases out there, I've narrowed down my choice to these two, and was curious to see what everyone else would choose! Nanuk or LowPro
  4. Path Finder

    Hard case for Mavic Pro with 4 tie-down points?

    I did a search of "Hard cases" and looked through the 163 "hits" but did not find what i'm looking for. (I know someone out there has the answer! :)) I will be putting my Mavic on the back of My snowmobile to take into the mountains, all the cases I have seen so far only have 2 "tie- points"...