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Hard case for Mavic Pro with 4 tie-down points?

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Jun 11, 2017
Minnesota, USA
I did a search of "Hard cases" and looked through the 163 "hits" but did not find what i'm looking for. (I know someone out there has the answer! :))

I will be putting my Mavic on the back of My snowmobile to take into the mountains, all the cases I have seen so far only have 2 "tie- points" and I'll need 4 with at least that many latches to keep the lid closed. (Miles of rough trail kill anything that starts to move around)

Had thoughts of keeping the Mavic in my backpack but I'm thinking that is just going to take to much time to dig it all out. If I can find the correct case to mount to my sled it would make things much faster.

Looking for something along these lines but smaller scale perhaps?
SKB Military Standard Case

Thanks in advance for any links or items you have found!
While GPC does sell SKB cases for Mavics (very nice cases), I've never seen one that has 4 tie-points. Could you tie down the case with a cargo net like this one?
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Thanks Bite BayKon and msinger for the information! Yes I really like that case and yes I could use a "net" or other means to "lash" the case but I'm looking for "speed" to just pop 4 latches and I'm into the case. (Hope to get 4 latches and 4 tie down points just in case trees start "grabbing" the case or the sled ends up on it's side or worse!)

At one point after June 11th when I joined someone was working on making a new style hard case this summer, they posted questions on what users would like to see. I asked about tie down points but now I can't seem to find that post back again with a search!

I'll keep looking but thanks again fro the help.
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Lycus Tech Mavic Air 3 Case

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