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  1. KartofeL

    Hello from Poland

    Hello from Poland. I just bought my first drone ever (DJI Mavic Air 2) and yesterday was my very first flight. Sadly there also was my very first crash (DO NOT FLY AT HOME!!!), but gladly nothing much happened. After that I went on a field with a lot of open space and begun flying. It was a lot...
  2. 3baid

    Hello from Kuwait

    Hello everyone great to be here as a member and it is so awesome to have a dedicated forums for helping each other! totally new to drones, never flown any! Just watched a lot of YouTube videos.. that got me in to the drone world so bad i placed an order for Mavic 2 pro and a Mavic air 2! cant...
  3. Spikey0321

    Hello from North Shropshire UK

    Hi all, I've been lurking in the background for a while now trying to resist the urge to spend my hard earned. My will power is clearly lacking :rolleyes: as I'm now the proud owner of a Mavic 2 Pro. Since Christmas I've been flying a non GPS Phantom style quad (Present from the Wife) and...
  4. Mavdaddy85

    Hello Manchester, England

    Hey guys, just wanted to come say hi! Been flying for a while now but just picked up my Mavic Pro yesterday! Loving it so far!
  5. V

    Flyin' high in Tucson, Arizona

    Hello all - FAA 107 certified and flying for the purpose of stock footage. Working on getting the daylight operations waiver as well to catch some night time lightning storms.
  6. Hooby

    Greetings from Cincinnati

    Hello, everyone! I am just dropping this post to introduce myself and get a feel for the board. I fly a Mavic Pro, I am still relatively new to the drone world, but I fly as often as humanly possible. I think I've racked up a pretty good amount of time, miles, and certainly enough video- more...
  7. L

    Hello from Toronto, Canada!

    Hi All! I was recently gifted my Mavic Pro after longing for it since it was Announced. I am so happy to have it and hope to put it to good use. I have used drones before, but this is the first that I won. I have also owned may RC helicopters which handle entirely differently. I look forward...
  8. reckless

    Hello everyone

    Long time lurker here, thought it was high time I joined the myriad of interesting discussions being posted on these forums. Everything you ever need to know about this amazing new technology can be found within these pages. Hello to everyone and especially the people running the show.
  9. B

    Hello From Old Forge, PA, USA

    Hello MavicPilots. Had my Mavic for about 3 weeks and have been racking up some hours in between the rain, snow and extreme wind and cold. Looking forward to some warmer weather and more adventures with this beauty. This is my first drone but have been flying fixed wing aircraft and hot air...
  10. Brubaker

    What's UP, ...from Modesto!!

    Hi folks, I have just placed my pre-order for a Mavic (I'm super excited). This will be my first drone, to own. I've been flying the P3P and the P4 and have logged nearly 30hrs of flight with them. In the past few months I've had the opportunity to assist with aerial filming...