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  1. S

    Home Point to RC not registered

    I am hoping someone could help me with the issue I am facing. I have contacted DJI support but their answers did not resolve the issue. I can't seem to register home point to the controller after take off. I was flying in the park last week and filming my nephew while riding his scooter, we...
  2. M

    Landing updates the homepoint?

    If I land somewhere and take off again why would I want to make that my new homepoint? Is there a way to turn that off?
  3. K

    Mavic Home Point Reset After DJI GO 4 Crashed

    Two days ago I was flying my Mavic Pro over St. Augustine beach. As has been happening since the Spark was introduced, the DJI GO 4 app crashed midflight. The problem was that when I restarted the app, the battery on the Mavic was low and went into the RTH mode. This would normally be ok, but...
  4. timesnaps

    Where do the RTH GPS coordinates come from?!

    Please let me know if my understanding is correct. I assume, that the Mavic records its own location via GPS onboard. And that the RC has its own GPS, which it gets from the phone. Unfortunately my phone is from a Chinese manufacturer and has Chinese firmware, but I am not flying in China at the...
  5. D

    iPad mini 3 wifi homepoint

    I have an ipad mini 3 (wifi only) lying around that I planned on using for my Mavic. I had been using my iPhone 7 but bought a mavmount and was going to start using the ipad. I read in other forum posts that you cannot update the homepoint with a wifi only ipad. This does not make sense to me...