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  1. S

    Mini Ancient fort ruins

  2. A

    Taking mavic air 2 to India from USA

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this forums. I am planning to buy Mavic air 2, I am currently living in USA. I need to travel to India next month, Can I carry Mavic air 2 with me? I know a lot of people who carried Mavic mini with them, Mavic air 2 is over 250 grams and I don't know anyone who has...
  3. D

    ETA for Drone registration in India

    Does anyone here have an idea of the status of DJI's Equipment Type Approval (ETA) for India. It seems that you can register and get a UIN for your drone in India only after the ETA has been approved.
  4. D

    Carrying DJI Mavic Air bought here in the USA to India

    Is it possible to carry DJI Mavic Air to India. The said Mavic was bought in USA. I am an Indian Citizen just back home for the holidays. What precautions and care should i take while carrying it with me (if its allowed/possible to bring it inside the country)?
  5. D

    DJI spark in domestic flights India.

    Do you guys take your DJI Spark on domestic flights inside India? Have you faced any resistance from airport staff? Cabin or checkin? Your experiences and recommendations will help.
  6. M

    India & Maldives

    Hi, I took my Mavic to India and Maldives and edited a short wrap up. Hope you guys like it! Maarten
  7. Ajinkya

    Hi from India

    Hi, Purchasing a drone in my country was very difficult but finally I bought Mavic Pro 2 months back and found this awesome forum. I would like to Thank @Cassidy for helping me create the profile at this forum. I fly in Pune area. And I always take my drone with me :)
  8. V

    Mavic Pro unboxing...probably the first ever in India!

  9. S

    Drone Customs Issue (INDIA)

    Hi Guys, I recently purchased Mavic pro (Fly-less) and my friend will be carrying it with him back to India. Did someone from here carried their mavic pro back to India? Flying drone is banned in India, Hence I am wondering how to clear the customs at the airport. I have not used the drone...