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  1. Yaros

    Davinci Resolve Export Settings for Instagram Reels?

    Hello, I have been trying to post Instagram Reels edited in Davinci Resolve, but when it gets uploaded to Instagram, the quality drops significantly. The export settings I use currently are: Format: MP4, H.264 Resolution: 1080x1920 Frame rate: 60FPS Bitrate: 8000 KB/s It looks fine in the...
  2. J

    Posting Mavic 3 Footage to Instagram

    Hey everyone, I am new to flying drones and the Magic 3 cine. I need to post the videos that I take on Instagram for the company I work for. I am able to get the footage onto my laptop and edit it, but I was wondering if someone could explain to me how to take the video I edit in iMovie and get...
  3. Yaros

    Is it okay to post this on YouTube / Instagram?

    I recently was filming a church and a theater in my area, but before posting it I wanted to ask if it is okay, because there are some other things visible as houses and hotels around. I can legally fly over them (if I'm above 40 meters) at least here in Spain as far as I know, but one thing is...
  4. D

    Mini Follow Me On Instagram

    Follow my Instagram HERE for cinematic drone photos Feedback would be appreciated
  5. N

    Air 2 Round and round we go...

    Round and round we go... Sydney Olympic Park, Bay Marker. Mavic Air 2
  6. N

    Air 2 Sea Cliff Bridge, Sydney Australia

    3 shot HDR merge. Add me on Insta!
  7. K

    Instagram photo illustrates violation of FAA rules

    There is a ton of great drone photography on Instagram. However, I repeatedly see photos where the drone was obviously flying over moving automotive traffic. Although I considered leaving a comment to point out the rule, I did not because I expect to be flamed for it. (people can get very nasty...
  8. J

    Vertical panoramas (back after inactivity - looking for inspiration)

    Hi guys, after like 3 years of being active photographer, I stopped and went inactive for like a year. I would like to go back to business and start shooting. I was always flying with drones, especially with the old good Mavic Pro. There are some of my favorite vertical panoramas that I manually...
  9. M

    Instagram 4k Video problem?

    Hello All, Instagram ruins all my videos, makes them choppy and kills the 4k. How can I fix this so I can post on instagram? Will instagram make an in-app update? Any ideas or suggestions? Setting or recommendations on how to record? Apps an editors? (I use DJI or Quik) Best, Greg...
  10. R

    Drone Only Instagram profile

    Hi all together, I just wanted to share my Drone only Instagram channel and would love to see some of yours if you have any! :) REDBERG (@redberg.stephen) • Instagram photos and videos Also I got a question to NeatVideo does anyone know where to get it cheaper? I am a student so 100 € is quite...
  11. jtcfilms

    Best Settings Uploading Video to Instagram - Quality Loss

    Hey all, I've been uploading a lot of Mavic videos to my Instagram and I cannot get them to upload in good quality for the life of me! More detail below, but everything looks great when I watch back on my laptop and even after airdropping to my phone, but then when I upload to Instagram kiss the...
  12. TylerDrake16

    Hello from LA, I will be traveling the world with this drone!!

    follow me on instagram at TylerDrake16 to catch my first flight scheduled for this afternoon. I will be constantly updating my insta with mavic footage and I'll always share what filters I used and why. Looking forward to learning from you all
  13. U

    Instagram ruins my videos

    So every time I upload a movie I made on the GoApp4.0 it looks good in the app and then Instagram ruins it and makes it all pixelated. I am not using the raw data from the SD drive but what's saved in my iPhone from the preview. I would assume it's because of that but it literally looks like...
  14. Calhoun Ranger

    Instagram presence

    I am building a fledgling drone-based business in northwest Georgia and I want to use any social media that can help with that. I have attempted to use Instagram, but it is not optimized for videos!!! I would like to know how best to leverage Instagram. For one thing, there is no apparent way...
  15. S

    Best method for posting to social media

    I searched but could not find too much. For those who are heavily involved with sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. What is the best method for getting the video quality to where it is not destroyed. Majority of what I do is posting videos to Instagram and I find no matter what resolution I...
  16. Recklessfxdf

    Hello from Central/ Jersey Shore--- New Jersey

    Hi Everyone! I am new to this hobby and I figured joining a forum will help me meet people and stay current on trends within the drone world. I am from central NJ and I love traveling and photography so the Mavic pro was a perfect fit. I ordered my drone last night and ordered some accessories...