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iphone 7

  1. zamboni

    Tracking >100m from home when using only phone?

    My MA seems to be working correctly, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to make it do what i want. Hoping for some suggestions? I want the MA to track me while i ride across large open fields on my mountain bike, without using the RC. Whenever possible, i fly with it, but the RC is not...
  2. K

    iPhone 7 with Mavic Pro

    Hi All, Recently purchased a Mavic Pro so that I can take it to more places than I can my Inspire. Usual drone issue is a decent display in the sun. Have thought about a CrystalSky, but concerned about people having issues with them. I use either an iPhone 5s or iPad 4 Mini. Have noticed that...
  3. N

    Records to IPhone...sometimes...sometimes not??

    My first couple of flights, recorded both to the SD card on the Mavic, and onto my IPhone (which I found later through the "editor" button on the app). However, subsequent flights did not record to the IPhone (although they did record to the SD card). Obvious user error on my part...any help...
  4. drifter136

    No Computer Needed - Fully edited on my iphone 7 plus

    There isn't a lot of information about editing on an iphone, but it is totally possible. In fact, it is effecient and can produce fantastic results. I'm thinking about doing a movie about how to do it most effeciently. So, if that interests you, like the video, subscribe and post a comment...
  5. Mako79

    Controller Hack - Phone with case.

    For those who don't like to fly naked (phone with no case). Nothing worse then fumbling around and dropping your phone. I just shaved the rubber bits to a gradient slope. Fits my 9mm thick S7edge with case nicely. I did both sides. Remove 3 screws on each side. And slide both rubbers in...