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  1. R

    iPhone 12 Mavic Air 2 Range Issues

    Hi all! I recently upgraded to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. After flying my Mavic Air 2 this afternoon, I noticed that I was having huge connectivity issues between my RC controller and the drone. No App settings have been changed accidentally. I switched back to my old iPhone XS as a test, and...
  2. M

    Incompatible firmvare version

    Hello! I just bought myself a mavic mini and was gonna try it out for the first time. Problem is i cannot lift because it says Incompatible firmware version (Code: 30224) but when i try to update it says everything is up to date? how can i solve this issue i cannot use the drone...
  3. A

    Ground Control LUTs not working

    Hey so I'm new to drones and editing footage so, I'm having this weird issue and I don't know if I'm causing it or if its the LUTs themselves but I bought the GC Falcon2 LUT pack and most of the LUTs aren't changing the Lumetri or the Histogram, I've tried them with different shots but they...
  4. D

    Mavic 2 Pro Moire Issues

    Hi All, I'm a long-time Phantom user and professional photographer, first time Mavic user/poster. To make this short, I love my M2P and just about everything about it but, I am getting some pretty bad moire in several of my video clips and photos. Video example (background buildings) shot at...
  5. C

    DJI Mavic pro 2 Issues

    Hello everyone, made a short video of a problem that a buyer discovered pretty quick after he got the drone.. Sorry for my horrible English pronunciation.
  6. E

    Calibrating IMU and other issues

    1. Just updated to newest firmware. Afterwards I have had several issues - drift during flight amongst them. I am calibrating the IMU according to DJI´s video instructions - it remains stuck on step 2 - any solutions. 2. I got a message that compass needed calibrating. I tried to do so but got...
  7. PhotoAdventures

    Few annoying issues on my Mavic Air

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here, so I'm gonna start with a little presentation of myself. My name is André and I'm from Portugal. I'm 26y old and recently I started following my dream of becoming a Landscape Photographer, I quit my 7-year job as a Meteorologist and since October 2017...
  8. J

    Mavic Pro Disconnected in Midair

    I was flying my Mavic Pro along the beach and it was extremely windy. My friend moved the landing pad a few feet away and below the drone. I moved it back, and it just sped passed the point where I tried to stop it. Afterwards, I tried to move it forward and above the landing pad, but the it...
  9. jcastillo265

    Mavic Pro Platinum's weak arm?

    Hello to this awesome community! Does anyone have issues with their new Mavic Pro Platinum's rear left arm? Mine is brand new, but now has a good wobbling issue. I've read that some Mavic Pro does have this issue and is it a concern? I'm worried about the built quality since my Mavic is not...
  10. F

    Have you guys ever experienced an "out of control" spinning with your Mavic?

    I was flying my Mavic this morning, and take off was normal. I just felt the drone wasn't flying as fast as it usually does. I thought it could be the wind, so I kept flying it. Passed about 5 minutes I decided bringing the Mavic back, and that's when weird things started to happen. It was hard...
  11. Phate118

    Skipping video both live and on the card

    Hey, so I am running at 2.7k with 30fps and have had skipping in the video on both my life remote feed as well as the videos on the memory card themselves. I am using a SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card (SDSQXVF-064G-GN6MA). Any solutions? I also just updated my firmware and haven't...
  12. regandunstan

    5V BEC Installation For Parrot / Micasense Sequoia On DJI Mavic Pro

    Hi all, I plan on installing a 5V BEC inside my Mavic Pro to power a Parrot / Micasense Sequoia sensor. Just like these guys... Has anyone done something similar or have any links at all to how I should go about this? I could possibly cut a motor wire and insert there? Any constructive...
  13. L

    I need help!

    Hi, so i've bought my Mavic.. My result from first flight. 1.Wavy Images 2.Lagging videos 3.Flickering videos 4.Gimball uncontrolably tilts (very fast) Up horisontaly Wrote with DJ support. I should try to update. 1.DJI Go App - Couldn't update, freezes at 73% for 8th time in a row. 2. DJI...
  14. oJFw

    Partial Focus Issue (After Firmware Update)

    Hi all, Hoping someone here will be able to shed a light on what’s happening to some elements of my footage. Yesterday I installed the new firmware and the DJI GO 4 app and took my Mavic out for a spin. Once I got my video footage back to the editing suite I noticed some really awful looking...
  15. Kennetf

    Is using your smart phone as controller safe?

    Hey peeps! I´d like to start a discussion about the wifi-feature of the DJI Mavic. We can probably all agree that using the transmitter is the best option in most situations. However, the use of your smart phone only can be an interesting alternative in some situations. Imagine going for a...
  16. MrBind


    after weeks of research i finally decide to pull the trigger on a dji mavic which should be arriving in 2 days. while i usually hate to purchase products as they are first released the mavic just seems too good to wait on. i have been scouring the forums for all the information i can and i have...
  17. S

    Serious gimbal issues with my brand new Mavic Pro

    Sadly, my first post in the community is regarding issues. I have had my Mavic Pro for a week now and I'm already experiencing serious issues with the gimbal to the point I can't fly anymore. Every time I turn on my aircraft I get one of these two behaviors: A) The gimbal starts shaking...
  18. S

    Ascending/descending while yawing / Weird compass 2 values

    I received my new Mavic yesterday. After updating the fw, went out today to do a test flight. Everything is OK but I noticed something strange: when I yaw the craft to the left, it descends about 1 foot, when yaw to the right, it ascends 1 foot (or vica versa, I can't recall it). Also when...