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Should i buy even after all this?!

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Mar 5, 2017
Hi, so i've bought my Mavic..

My result from first flight.
1.Wavy Images
2.Lagging videos
3.Flickering videos
4.Gimball uncontrolably tilts (very fast) Up horisontaly

Wrote with DJ support.
I should try to update.
1.DJI Go App - Couldn't update, freezes at 73% for 8th time in a row.
2. DJI Assistent (Mac and PC) Couldn't update, freezes somewhere along and tries to reboot. But same thing. Freezes.

Sooo, talked with support again.
They wanted me to try and IMU calibration and alot of other ones.
1. IMU calibration came to 2/5 and then freezes and Mavic goes hot.

Contacted DJI support.
Totally useless, kept answering the same question. Felt like it was a machine. Was told by other support the day before they could pull Up my history... But then they couldn't. So had to explain everything again. 10th time.

Solution. Went on a 6 hour train ride to thestore and for my money back.

Along this process i've met 3 other travellers with DJI Mavic. And all of these have issues with there's.
1. Is gonna send his back (gimball/camera issues)
2. White spot. Had to send his back. Have gotten a new one.
3. Firmware issues. Need to send his back.

Here i am. So what do you All think? Whats your experience with it. Is this just very, very bad luck that i need 3 out of 3 with these issues, and can i trust buying a new one?

Second thing is, im buying it in Japan if im doing it again. And Ill leave Japan 1 week afterwards for Philippines. And i live in Denmark. So i'm quite unsure about the Princess if something suddenly isn't working again. Because i cant just go to the store again.

Looong post i know.
Id appreciate every single comment!

Best Regards
Insanity: Repeating the same action or behavior and expecting a different outcome. Seven times after failure...

Three out of three people you met with issues they couldn't manage, plus you is four for four.

And now you are considering buying another?

I have a Mavic and have had few hardware issues but I have built and flown radio controlled aircraft for decades as well as built and flown a few FPV drones more recently. I was heavily into photography since the mid seventies and have spent nearly twenty years in software development. I have degrees in physics and law and took two years of electrical engineering at a highly respected university.

I could not understand the instructions for updating firmware and had difficulties with the process as well. After devoting much effort and time, I managed to get a functional outcome. I contacted DJI support and the person I dealt with was useless but I was determined to evaluate the competency of their help so followed through the process.

There are numerous variables at play here and DJI can not manage them all. If you are using GO as you say, and not GO4 as your controller device, you may be using an outdated app no longer intended to support the Mavic. If you are using an Android device, is the device/carrier version/Android version combination supported? Were you attempting to perform the update on a 2.4 gHz wifi connection that may interfere with the update? Which version of OS for Mac or Windows? Which version of DJI Assistant? Did you reboot devices after installs? Reinstall? State of charge of DJI devices? Did you verify cable functionality?

There have been many reports of gimbal issues but I suspect that the vast majoity work. However, temperature variations, manufacturing disparities in thickness and composition of rubber mounts, temperature impacts on rubber flexibility, air density due to wind pressure, altitude, humidity and barometric pressure will impact harmonic frequencies that may cause gimbal vibrations. There is no provision for dynamic propeller balancing and prop speed varies with all of the previous variables and controller input and and of these may start or magnify harmonic vibrations in the gimbal resulting in wavy lines. Adding a gram or less to the gimbal may stop vibrations under particular conditions, but not others.

I am not clear on your other issues but I would return the Mavic if I were you.

Bottom line for me is that it is an investment in fun that requires a great deal of time and experimentation to get to where it will meet my expectations reliably. I think it is worthwhile for me.

I also believe the Mavic is not ready for the target market, particularly in regard to software and support. I would be happy if DJI had every Mavic returned where there was any issue related to their inadequate support and manuals so that everyone could benefit.
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There is a source to use for finding success.
That's all I have to say about that.
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