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  1. S

    How do drone meetups work?

    Me and a friend are starting a drone club at our university, and have been planning out how the whole thing is going to work. We would like to have at least a few meetups for people to attend and fly together, but we want to avoid any collisions or other conflicts. Unfortunately neither of us...
  2. Yaros

    Airsense (ADS-B) in Europe is present but just firmware disabled?!

    Hello, I am curious why is Airsense disabled on the Mavic Air 2 in Europe but not on the Air 2S. Any thoughts? I recently stumbled upon this post where someone said that the ADS-B module is actually present inside the drone, it just isn't working. Pretty weird...
  3. Yaros

    Concerned about AirportAvoidLanding! How can I avoid it?

    Hello! I fly my drone in Mallorca Spain, in the area that doesn't have any no-fly zones nearby (at least 20 km around me) but in December for Christmas I'm going to Alicante, Spain that does have all types of no-fly zones, authorization zones, warning, class D and other stuff. I heard stories...
  4. D

    Used Mavic mini or mavic mini 2

    I have been following the drone world for a couple of years now but I havent had the chance to fly or own one. recently a friend of mine has put his dji mavic mini fly more combo for sale and they are asking around 310 euro for it. Is it worth getting the mini 1 or should I save up more money...
  5. E

    iPhone 12

    Hey everybody! I hope you all have a great thanksgiving. I am a Mavic Mini 1 owners but thought you guys might have some good input on this question also. I have used an iPhone 7 to fly my mini in the last but now I might be upgrading to an iPhone 12. The issue is that DJI does not yet list the...
  6. W

    RTH Altitude

    Hi , I recently bought a dji mavic mini and I am more than happy with my purchase. I fly my drone with RTH Altitude of 80m. So i have the following question. If i take off from a building with a hight of 30m for example will the drone RTH at hight of 110 total altitude,or it will just raise to...
  7. M


    Hey fellas, I had a minor crash a few weeks ago and hadn’t noticed any real damage to my Mavic pro. The only thing I noticed is sometimes at a low altitude the drone starts to drop in altitude for instance, I had it at about 8 feet just observing and notice on my controller it went 7.8, 7.5...
  8. M

    [SUGGESTIONS] Maiden Flight & First Video

    Hey guys, Took out my drone a few days ago on its very first flight and managed to film some video which I edited directly on the DJI GO 4 app. Here it is: This is my first drone and my first attempt at filming things so I was hoping you experts could give me some tips on how to improve...
  9. T

    Upgrading to Mavic Air or Wait

    I currently have a P3P and I'm ready to upgrade. Should I upgrade to the Mavic Air or wait for the MP2. My main concern with the Air is the battery life and the distance.
  10. F

    Which phone under 120 €

    I am really preocupied by this simple stuff : What phones under 120€ can well-funcion with my mavicpro. I am not really interested by new technologies, so i've a prehistoric phone since 7 years. I do not have any applications nothing. But this time, i need to upgrade my phone to be able to...
  11. P


    Hello from Ireland, The Stroban Cee Lights & Flash Fill in Light is it safe to place them on certain places on the Mavic Pro....see this video clip link where they are you think that is a safe place from the point of Satelittes/GPS contact???
  12. F

    $690 New Mavic? Is something wrong?

    The following link seems to be for a new mavic, but the price is incredibly low. Do you think this is a defect, or previously owned? I send in a question and am waiting for a response. What's confusing is they have other listings at prices over $1,000, that seem to be the same basic box...
  13. CoveredinBeer

    Fog and Cloud Question

    I was flying the Mavic in the mountains recently and there was a nice bank of clouds rolling in close to the ground. As I started to fly the Mavic into them, I had second thoughts and declined. Clouds are, after all, a collection of moisture which doesn't exactly go well with the drone. Is there...
  14. L

    I need help!

    Hi, so i've bought my Mavic.. My result from first flight. 1.Wavy Images 2.Lagging videos 3.Flickering videos 4.Gimball uncontrolably tilts (very fast) Up horisontaly Wrote with DJ support. I should try to update. 1.DJI Go App - Couldn't update, freezes at 73% for 8th time in a row. 2. DJI...