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  1. koco2202

    I crushed my drone - need replacement/upgrade

    Hello friends, drone pilots, I recently crushed my DJI Mavic Air 2 drone (totally my fault), and broke the camera gimble, I attached photos so you can have better idea. Since I really can't live without flying, I do travel a lot, I have couple of questions. I found a brand new drone, same as...
  2. P

    Where can I buy this part, please?

    Dear all member, I have a hard crash on my Mavic Mini. And I found this part broken (see attachment file). May I know, where can i buy it? Thanks for your information.
  3. L

    Is it worth buying mavic mini now or I hope??

    I am new to this drones, I have only handled toy drones, I am very interested in mavic mini for what I will use for non-professional photographs and videos. They think you should buy this drone for its quality price and because it is a good drone or expect another year-round launch by DJI?
  4. B

    P4P+ w/ DJI Care refresh and ...

    Selling my unit P4 Pro + and OSMO Video Bundle - RC Groups
  5. A

    WTB: Mavic front leg with internals

    Hey, looking for supply of a FL leg, Got caught in some foliage and Mavic made an attempt to severe its own foot off when arm closed in resistance..... Cut good 3/4 through I'm based in Vic, Australia please msg
  6. UAVMan

    Best Mavic Pro deals in Canada?

    Okay I need to get a Mavic Pro in Canada, anyone have a suggestion for the best deal on a Mavic (NEW). I'm in Medicine Hat, AB.
  7. S

    Buying Mavic/Spark in China

    Dear Mavic Pilots all over the world, I'm thinking about buying my first drone when I'm going to visit a friend in China in August. I read that DJI products are cheaper in China, but I'd like to know how much and where to buy. Should I just order it online and let it be delivered to my friend...
  8. P

    WANT TO BUY: Mavic Pro Fly More package

    Hi Fellow Pilots, I'm looking to buy a new Mavic Pro Fly More package for $1000-$1100. If you're able to make the sale, please text me at 801-361-0322. Peter
  9. M

    Mavic for Sale

    My mavic is 2 months old and I want an upgrade. I will upload the flight data. I have a hard case for it and ND Filters. I paid $1,400 for the combo pack, $75 for the filters, and $125 for the hard case. I want to sell it all for $1400. Here is the data: Dropbox -...
  10. M

    Selling my Mavic!

    I want to sell the Mavic I bought about 2 months ago. I bought the bundle package, Polar Pro ND Filters, and a nice water tight case for it. Total worth is like $1,600. I would want about $1,400 for it. I want to get a different drone and don't have the cash. There isn't a thing wrong with...
  11. C

    Thinking about buying Mavik Pro

    Hi folks After lots of research online I am seriously considering buying the Mavik Pro. I have never flown a drone before, my main interest is good quality 4K footage and reliability. Should I buy the Mavik or P4 pro ? My professional background is aviation and photography Many thanks
  12. M

    [HELP] BUY or not the Mavic pro

    I'm really interested in the Mavic pro but I have never had a drone so I'm afraid of getting tired of the drone after a few uses. I would like to have your opinion, if you were afraid to buy it for the same reasons / if you do not get bored at all with etc ... THANK U for your help ! :)
  13. L

    I need help!

    Hi, so i've bought my Mavic.. My result from first flight. 1.Wavy Images 2.Lagging videos 3.Flickering videos 4.Gimball uncontrolably tilts (very fast) Up horisontaly Wrote with DJ support. I should try to update. 1.DJI Go App - Couldn't update, freezes at 73% for 8th time in a row. 2. DJI...
  14. Y

    Check Mavic before buying

    Hi! I'm going to buy DJI Mavic from a unofficial reseller - unfortunately, in my country this is the only way to obtain this drone, without paying a fortune and waiting for few weeks. And I want to check it before buying, and not just visually, but also I want to turn it on and see if it's...
  15. thefrisbee995

    Swap Phantom 4 Pro For Fly-More Bundle? (South England)

    I have a Phantom 4 Pro I paid £1560 for just before xmas brand new and it is in excellent condition now. I would like to swap for a Mavic fly-more kit. I can post pics if interested but I haven't flown it much. Literally just want to swap because I am a developer and need to be able to carry a...
  16. D

    Help!!! Trying to purchase Mavic Pro in time for Christmas

    Hello, I am trying to find a way to purchase the mavic pro drone in time for Christmas for my fiance. I have looked everywhere...I am assuming there's no way to get it in time for Christmas but thought to ask and confirm my assumptions. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Diana
  17. A

    Where to buy Mavic Pro in Norway?

    Hi there! I'm trying to buy a Mavic Pro but it's currently sold out in my country (Malaysia). Will be traveling to Norway on the 26th of November and was wondering if anyone knows any stores that would be carrying it? I can't seem to find any information online. Thanks!
  18. S

    Mavic Pro finally available: Germany?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know whether anyone in Germany has gotten his hands onto a Mavic Pro. I am desperately waiting for it, since I already sold my Inspire and need it for a project.