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  1. A

    Do you agree - Have you run into the haters?

  2. Yaros

    Do you think the Air 3 will be a thing in the near future?

    I own the Mavic Air 2, and I'm pretty happy with it, however I'm wondering if Mavic Air 3 will be a thing in the near future, as they released the Mavic 3 Classic, which I didn't expect, and now I'm thinking that maybe the Mavic 3 Classic is what supposed to be the Air 3. The Mavic 3 Classic is...
  3. Yaros

    Okay, now that the Mini 3 Pro has officially been released. Will you buy it?

    I'm curious how many of you are interested in this drone. Specs list: Intro Video:
  4. Yaros

    VLOS rule makes flights boring - do you follow it?

    Hello, I have been flying drones for 1 year now and with my first drone VLOS wasn't a problem, the drone itself was big, bigger than a phantom 4 pro, and the range was limited (about 1 km max at 120 m / 400 ft) and you could see it from very far away. 6 months ago I got myself a mavic air 2...
  5. Yaros

    [POLL] DJI OEM Props vs Master Airscrew

    Hello, just wanted to know how many of you use Master Airscrew or other brand propellers, so I created this poll!
  6. Yaros

    [POLL] In what mode do you record video regularly?

    I am wondering in which mode you are recording video with your Mavic Air 2. I am trying to find the best combination of settings and modes.
  7. Yaros

    How many times / batteries do you fly a week?

    Hey! I was just wondering how many times you fly a week! I normally fly between 10 and 20 times a week! What about you?
  8. Y

    POLL: Which 01.03.xxxx AC firmware version is the best?

    Were there any other significant changes between versions 01.03.0200 and 01.03.0900 which have particularly affected this community? I understand AC versions 01.03.0900 (and earlier) permit the most straightforward DAT file exportation from the AC, and that versions 01.03.0700 and earlier...
  9. jakub

    Quick poll about drones bought at different places - please take a look

    Recently I came across an opinion that DJI drones bought from sources* different than original distribution are the ones with issues. Those are the units that turn off midair, fly away or are constantly loosing connection. So I though a simple questionnaire would be nice, to give us all a look...
  10. Joely-Bird

    Nanuk Vs. LoPro

    I know there are a few posts on cases out there, I've narrowed down my choice to these two, and was curious to see what everyone else would choose! Nanuk or LowPro
  11. timesnaps

    Poll: What do you use your Mavic for?

    Hi, I am trying to work out how many people use this craft for serious aerial media production. I know by now its limitations, but there are of course many advantages too. Please vote - and explain if you feel the need. I work as a professional editorial and commercial photographer and bought...
  12. L

    I need help!

    Hi, so i've bought my Mavic.. My result from first flight. 1.Wavy Images 2.Lagging videos 3.Flickering videos 4.Gimball uncontrolably tilts (very fast) Up horisontaly Wrote with DJ support. I should try to update. 1.DJI Go App - Couldn't update, freezes at 73% for 8th time in a row. 2. DJI...
  13. DroneTone

    Controller Stick Mode Poll

    Which Controller Stick Mode Do You Use?
  14. N

    Mid air malfunctions poll

    Hi everyone! I'm still waiting for my Mavic (should have it on Monday or Tuesday supposedly), but in the mean time I've been browsing this forum. I've seen a few posts about sudden loss of control in the air.. things like: •unexpected ATTI mode, sudden loss of satellites •someone said they had...