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jello vibration camera issues

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    Newbie from Belgium

    Hi all, purchased a new Mavic Pro. First flights have been great and stable, but I also quickly ran into the dreaded Jello video shake problem and am unsure what to do next (send it in to DJI for repair, finetune some parameters, add filters, .... So I will be thoroughly scanning this forum for...
  2. A

    Video Ripples in 4K

    Good day, everyone - Brand new to both drone piloting as well as videography, so any help here would be greatly appreciated. Recently purchased a Mavic Pro and am in the process of learning everything about it - like how much easier it is to fly it with a tablet instead of a phone, why you...
  3. N

    Yet another **** jello post - please help

    Hi all I've been struggling with jello in my Mavic videos.. It usually happens in bright sunlight, but hey, the mavic should be able to fly and film without it happening at all, right? I should confirm that's the case - you other Mavic flyers are able to fly without ever seeing jello right...
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    I cannot handle all these camera issues!!

    When I don't have jello I get this micro vibration in the video! This is all at 4k 24fps. I don't want to send it back as I purchased it for a trip the day after Xmas. Micro vibrations: Jello: I'm on the latest firmware. I've tried calibrating the IMU, gimbal and resetting camera settings...