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  1. O

    Problem with shaky footage using the mini

    I recently found that all footage I took the last two weeks is extremely shaky. The issue seems to be much worse on anything that is close to the drone such as the trees to the bottom right side, but anything far away seems to be fine. I think it almost looks like a stabilization issue. Is...
  2. R

    Jelly effect after Gimbal repair

    Hi Guys, I recently crashed my mavic - flying indoors and it flew into a wall at slow speed and fell onto tiles. The gimbal ribbon snapped so I purchased a new ribbon, purchased a new vibration board and fixed it all up, gimbal calibration done and the baby is happy... well... almost When the...
  3. E

    I don't think you're ready for this jelly

    I finally got my Mavic Pro last week, updated firmware, calibrated gimbal, etc. For whatever reason I get a terrible jelly effect and I can barely get still photos that aren't totally blurred. It seems like this is a common problem but mine seems much worse than other clips I've seen. Is there a...