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  1. C

    Android 13 tracking/spotlight/poi issues

    Hard to tell which forum to put this in as hard to tell where the problem lies. Is anyone using Android 13 or a Pixel 7 phone and experiencing issues with any of the intelligent "drag a box" modes? The instant i do that live feed freezes and only updates once every 5-10 seconds. All overlays...
  2. C

    DJI Fly / Android 13 Devices / POI and Tracking

    Anyone else noticing an issue with Android 13 devices (mine is a Pixel 7 pro) and DJI Fly on anything using POI/Active track? Ive replicated this on 2 devices now. Ultimately the second you draw a box to select a target the live feed freezes and receives only jerky updates every 10-15 seconds...
  3. Yaros

    How I fixed video feed lag at one specific place

    This is an interesting situation I got into some days ago when I was flying. Here is how it went, the problem and the solution I found! I went to a beach to fly my mavic air 2, get some footage of the sea and the area in general. It was my first time flying in that area. Launched the drone from...
  4. A

    Does anyone have an LG G7 or V35 with DJI GO 4?

    Hi, I'm looking at either of these smartphones to fly a DJI drone with. I just want to know if DJI GO 4 works well on these devices. LG G7, LG V35
  5. L

    default SD card slow?

    Hi all! My Mavic pro (bought 20/3/2018) came with "sandisk extreme 16gb u3" microsd card. When i playback my footage on my pc (i7 4770 + GTX1060) sometimes seems to choppy and slow also notice some framedrops... I recorded 4K 30fps mp4 format. Is it possible that this card not fast enough in...
  6. V

    Mavic Air - New Video Feed Issues

    Odd issue here...I've had solid video feed on my Mavic Air for about 2 weeks now even since I've been choosing my custom WiFi channels instead of using Auto. Using an iPad Mini 4 for my monitor and the ONLY thing the Mini is used for is flying the Air so it's bare bones. I went to fly yesterday...
  7. I

    Mavic Pro Video Skipping Issue

    Hi all, Having issue with the Mavic video skipping at a regular interval. This occurs at all frame rates and resolutions. I always use ND filters for the appropriate shutter speed so that's not the issue. Using a Sandisk Extreme 32GB gold and red micro SD. The issue is identical on the cache...
  8. T

    iPhone6+ = Choppy/Laggy Video

    I have had my Mavic for about 2mo now and I have noticed that I often get little choppy glitches in my videos. I am using an iPhone6+ and I upgraded the memory card to a 64GB Samsung EVO Pro U3 thinking that would fix it. When that didn't work, I tried downgrading the quality to 2.4K but I am...
  9. P

    Litchi altitude and distance reading lag

    could someone please help by looking at the screen recording, where the Mavic has already landed, but Litchi reading was lagging way behind still showing 147m altitude. The readings continues to catch up, while Video record / stop button is unresponsive until nearly a minute later. I have...
  10. D

    Video cutout in sport mode

    Anyone else having video cutout when in sport mode? Seems to have started with the most recent update. I can be 100 feet away in sport mode and the have severe lag. Switch back to normal and it goes away. It was pretty sunny yesterday so perhaps overheating?