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default SD card slow?


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Mar 20, 2018
Hi all! My Mavic pro (bought 20/3/2018) came with "sandisk extreme 16gb u3" microsd card.
When i playback my footage on my pc (i7 4770 + GTX1060) sometimes seems to choppy and slow also notice some framedrops...
I recorded 4K 30fps mp4 format.

Is it possible that this card not fast enough in write speed for this resolution and frame rate?

When i playback my footage on my pc (i7 4770 + GTX1060) sometimes seems to choppy and slow also notice some framedrops...
This usually happens when attempting to play footage back directly from the memory card or playing it from an old PC.

What happens when you upload the video to YouTube and play it back there? Is it still choppy?
I have similar problem. When shooting in 1080p 30fps it shows on pc as 29.97fps, then I get a error in davinci resolve when trying to render in 30fps. I then have to render in 24fps but don't get smooth footage
To get smooth footage I have to shoot at 48fps that gives me 47.97fps and then render to 24fps
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It will probably play just fine on that PC if you download to the drive or possibly use a USB3 card reader in USB3 outlet.
The Mavic Pro records 4K with bitrate 60, that's not terribly taxing by modern standards.
Mavic Air and some other cameras nw run at bitrate 100, for that you need the fastest card available.
60Mbps which is MPs max bitrate is 7,5 MB/s which means that most sd cards will be ok...My Mavic Air is 100Mbps which is 12.5 MB/s .. I get slow card with my 90MB/s :) ...So i guess your card is for sure not slow and not the reason for your issues imho

Many confuse Mb/s with MB/s.. 90MB/s equals 720 Mb/s or Mbps...
media player classic k lite codec pack it seems it's ok with that but sometimes experience some stuttering when yaw motion.
i dont think my pc is weak for 4K playback i have an i7 4770 16gb ram and a GTX1060 card.

media player classic is seems better than vlc player but not perfect...

i switch to mov format (4K 30fps 1/60 shutter speed indoor test) and uploaded to youtube
i checked my recorded footages and it seems no problem with my mavic and my sdcard so i need to have a good player setup for media player classic (my pc win7 64bit)
can anyone suggest a me a good player setup to playback 4k videos flawlessly?
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