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  1. Enzoxs

    Jittery looking footage

    Hi guys, Looking for a second opinion on this, tearing my hair out here. For some reason footage from my Mavic Air 1 is looking awful when there's movement, even if it's slow. I'm shooting at 30fps 1/60sec, only because 25fps 1/50sec looks much more jagged to me. Is footage out of MA1 supposed...
  2. Chocobo6

    New Mavic 2 pro. Frame skipping on both cache and card.

    edit* I FIXED IT. i just realized that the footage on my iphone cache was the only footage with frame drops when transfered to my computer. That and some weird hertz rate on my computers monitor. the actual footage was fine. SMH.. lol..
  3. L

    default SD card slow?

    Hi all! My Mavic pro (bought 20/3/2018) came with "sandisk extreme 16gb u3" microsd card. When i playback my footage on my pc (i7 4770 + GTX1060) sometimes seems to choppy and slow also notice some framedrops... I recorded 4K 30fps mp4 format. Is it possible that this card not fast enough in...
  4. Retrograde

    Impossible to edit 4k@30fps in Premiere Pro CS6

    Hey everyone! Maybe a few of you have experienced that working with 4k video shot on the Mavic can be a headache and I was hoping you could offer me some insight; I'm trying to work with some awesome video I took today with my new Mavic Pro (what a machine) and I've discovered (I'm new to...
  5. T

    iPhone6+ = Choppy/Laggy Video

    I have had my Mavic for about 2mo now and I have noticed that I often get little choppy glitches in my videos. I am using an iPhone6+ and I upgraded the memory card to a 64GB Samsung EVO Pro U3 thinking that would fix it. When that didn't work, I tried downgrading the quality to 2.4K but I am...
  6. jontracey

    Choppy video on turns

    Hi everyone Looking for some tips and best practices when filming turns, below is a link to a video from a series I publish once a month documenting the construction of the new A14 road near Cambridge. As you can see at the point I marked in the video it gets a little choppy when I do a big...
  7. YsniperY

    video feed jumpy

    Hey guys, I've been using the ipad mini 4 for a few months now with the mavic and up until I updated with the newest firmware the video feed has been perfectly smooth. Now I cant even get 10 feet away and the video feed is really lagging and jumpy. I put it into airplane mode as well and that...
  8. A

    Video feed and recorded video both choppy. Could RC interference be the culprit

    Today I was flying at the local RC airplane field where there were several airplanes taking off, flying, landing, etc. At several points I noticed the video field got really choppy, sometimes lagging a second or so behind. It didn't seem to matter if the craft was 50 feet or 500 feet away. I...
  9. D

    Video cutout in sport mode

    Anyone else having video cutout when in sport mode? Seems to have started with the most recent update. I can be 100 feet away in sport mode and the have severe lag. Switch back to normal and it goes away. It was pretty sunny yesterday so perhaps overheating?
  10. J

    Mavic Pro video feed very laggy / choppy

    Hey guys, flew my Mavic for the first time yesterday in 4K 30fps. I noticed the feed was really laggy / choppy. When I turned the aircraft around it would take a second or two for the feed to catch up. I'm wondering if the 4K footage is too much for my iPhone 6 to cope with? When I played the...
  11. K

    Newbie, need help with Mavic pro video

    I took my first flight today in Toronto and the video ended up really bad. It looks almost choppy and not very well put together. Can someone help me with adjusting my video settings? Thanks.
  12. Mavic_Ward

    Choppy 4K video - sample file included

    It might be the older machines that I have, but I can't be sure. All of the computers I've used to playback my 4K videos just can't do it. The playback is terribly choppy. I'm not sure if it's the video file or the computers I've tried to use. Could someone with a fast computer please download...