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  1. zeNitro

    Recreational License in ireland

    Question to those who has Recreational license in ireland. How is the process of getting it, and does it include flying at nights? just bought 2 led lights for my mini 2 (see image below) i have finished flying just over 100Km. Now im willing to get my toes in some video creation stoff. (Was the...
  2. A

    Licensing your drone footage

    Not 100% positive if this was the correct place for me to post this question on the forum so if it's not, please just let me know where I should post. Curious if anybody has any insight or advice with licensing your footage? I have flown professionally, but I also enjoy just flying for fun and...
  3. G

    Selling Drone Photos/Footage on Stock Websites

    Hello everyone, I searched for similar threads but couldn't find an exact case. The only one I saw was this comment, but I just wanted to be sure. So, I live in the UK, and as a hobbyist, I haven't registered my drone and don't have a license. I know you'll need a license if you want to fly...
  4. N

    Rules Apply In Australia

    Hi Forum, I work for CASA in Australia. We just finished this little video to help get the word out to drone flyers that rules apply when you fly, anywhere in Australia. Please feel free to share and get back to me if you have any questions. Thanks - Nick
  5. G

    Do I need a license for commercial use?

    I'm looking at doing a few jobs with my mavic pro, does anyone know the exact license needed for the UK? I'm a member of the BMFA so my insurance is sorted, but I know this is void for commericial work. Has anyone ever been caught doing jobs without a license, or know anyone who has, and...
  6. P

    Table of drone laws

    Does anyone know where I can find a simple grid/matrix that shows what the general drone usage laws are for each country? It seems that given the number of random posts re: various countries, someone would have come up with such an item. Is there anything like an international drone association...
  7. B

    Mavic Pro - Commercial Photography -

    After flying and photographing with the Mavic Pro for over a year I have had acquaintances ask if I could do some photography for them. It seems there is a market out there for drone photography and the Mavic system quality seems to meet the needs of individuals that have contacted me. That...
  8. J

    commercial or non-commercial

    I have just joined this site a short while back. I searched around in this forum and did not find a post that asked my question. So, here it is: If someone is working for himself with his own drone but has plans to later sell some of his footage, is she a commercial or non-commercial drone...
  9. plee

    Can I fly my MP in Prague, Vienna, Krakow?

    Hi everyone, Please excuse me for my ignorance but I just bought my first drone (a total newbie) and hoping to use it on my upcoming four city, three country trip. Was wondering if anyone may know whether I can fly my MP in Vienna, Prague, Brno and Krakow? Do I need to apply for a certificate...
  10. Dan_L_E

    Dubai & UAE

    Hey guys, Seems as though they have banned all drones which have cameras in the UAE for personal use. Has this happened anywhere else? So frustrating as the DJI salesman in the store said it's ok to fly bla bla bla, just do a course, but now seems there are heavy fines in place if you're caught...
  11. F

    Costa Rica Rules and Regulations

    I'm not getting too many hits over at the sUAV R&Rs thread so I thought I'd drop this here in case anyone wanted to share their experiences... I'm traveling to Costa Rica at the end of the month and I've done some research into the rules and regulations I may encounter during my trip. I've...
  12. F

    Costa Rica DGAC

    I'm traveling to Costa Rica at the end of the month and I've done some research into the rules and regulations I may encounter during my trip. I've already gotten some lipo bags for my batteries (for the flight) but my bigger concern is the recreational sUAV laws of the country. I've read...