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    Can't activate / connect DJI MINI 2, help!

    Hi there, I got the DJI Mini 2 yesterday but I can't link it; I already tried most of the tutorials on DJI channel but still unable do link, I tried the normal and the manual method. Also I already charged both the controller and the drone; I tried with and without microsd. I had the DJI Mavic...
  2. R

    New Air 2s drone not paired with controller, and unable to do so manually

    So I just got my new DJI Air 2s, and it isnt paired with the controller. I have owned the Mavic Pro, Pro 2 Zoom and the Air 2, and never had an issue with controller pairing. The Air 2s is supposed to be paired with the controller from the factory. Already when DJI Fly asks which drone I want to...
  3. W

    Strange video link problem

    Hello. All of a sudden my mavic pro video on phone started to look like this 2018_06_12_11_20_25.mp4 No crash no changes or updated no anything 2 weeks ago i was flying with no issues and now this. Sometimes everything OK for several minutes and then start to look like on video. However video...
  4. B

    iPhone won't connect to Mavic. Help!

    New here and in need of some help... I bought my Mavic Pro drone three days ago. After multiple attempts by both myself and a more experienced friend, I still have not managed to get my iPhone/DJI Go App to connect to my drone. Have not be able to connect OR get a camera feed. Current status +...