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  1. A

    Recording precise gps locations with Mavic Pro

    Hi there, firstly - apologies for the noob question; I've tried searching this for the last week or so, but perhaps I'm not using the correct search terms. I'm looking for a way to record placemarkers during my flight which can then be viewed once I'm back in the office. Background: The...
  2. szh

    Tips for locations in Iceland, south-east coast

    I am looking for tips for nice locations to film with a drone along the southeast coast of Iceland, as well as on the "golden circle". I looked up the regulations, and they seem very permissive. However, it seems that many of the most popular spots ban drones. It's not clear exactly which ones...
  3. S

    Hi all from Essex, UK

    Hi all, just got back from holiday and after watching someone with a drone, I now have a Mavic Air turning up tomorrow, looking for any areas locally that are ideal for a newbie and are safe.
  4. M

    Hello from Birmingham, Alabama.

    Greetings from Alabama. I'm going to take delivery of my very first quad this week. I'm wondering if any of the members could recommend a good open space in Birmingham where I can practice/learn. Thanks in advance for any advice! Mark
  5. D

    Fake GPS + Android 8 + Mavic Air

    Well, I have a problem. Nokia 6 + Android 8.0 + Mavic Air. Despite running Floater (Fake GPS), clearing the cache (Floater), setting the default GPS in the programmer options on Floater, Dji Go 4 can not see the fake location. Important! The dot of my location indicates the current, right...
  6. M

    viewing Mavic GPS live position

    Hi Guys, does anyone know if there is an app available that allows you to see the the GPS location of the Mavic whilst flying ?
  7. McTerry

    Have You Calibrated Your Phone?

    So this may seem strange, and I am not sure if it could cause an issue with drones but it just might. I have had my Google Pixel for a year now and just today realized it also needs to be calibrated. While the location always showed up just fine, the direction it was facing would sometimes be...