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  1. dtzankatian

    Mavic 3 Satellites Home Point

    Hello there i just want to ask you this my Mavic 3 takes too long to lock the satellites for the home point update. I fly in a open area and also tested in multiple locations when i set up my smart controller in the first configuration i refused this in the location (upper left corner), may this...
  2. G

    Congested area Map ??

    Hi guys. I know its quite simple to measure my distance from nearest congested area using something like google maps or other maps. But is there any app for showing congested area on map? Something like AirMap App or Drone Assist where on map is showing restricted zones of airport areas ect. But...
  3. A

    Recording precise gps locations with Mavic Pro

    Hi there, firstly - apologies for the noob question; I've tried searching this for the last week or so, but perhaps I'm not using the correct search terms. I'm looking for a way to record placemarkers during my flight which can then be viewed once I'm back in the office. Background: The...
  4. S

    Hi all from Essex, UK

    Hi all, just got back from holiday and after watching someone with a drone, I now have a Mavic Air turning up tomorrow, looking for any areas locally that are ideal for a newbie and are safe.
  5. M

    Hello from Birmingham, Alabama.

    Greetings from Alabama. I'm going to take delivery of my very first quad this week. I'm wondering if any of the members could recommend a good open space in Birmingham where I can practice/learn. Thanks in advance for any advice! Mark
  6. D

    Fake GPS + Android 8 + Mavic Air

    Well, I have a problem. Nokia 6 + Android 8.0 + Mavic Air. Despite running Floater (Fake GPS), clearing the cache (Floater), setting the default GPS in the programmer options on Floater, Dji Go 4 can not see the fake location. Important! The dot of my location indicates the current, right...
  7. M

    viewing Mavic GPS live position

    Hi Guys, does anyone know if there is an app available that allows you to see the the GPS location of the Mavic whilst flying ?
  8. McTerry

    Have You Calibrated Your Phone?

    So this may seem strange, and I am not sure if it could cause an issue with drones but it just might. I have had my Google Pixel for a year now and just today realized it also needs to be calibrated. While the location always showed up just fine, the direction it was facing would sometimes be...