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loss of control

  1. D


    CRASH - LOSS OF CONTROL - Okay, this was one of my first flights on the Mini 2 since the recent firmware update. Before today's crash, I logged 76 miles and 842 minutes of flight time on this Mini 2 without a single hiccup or incident. I was coming in for a landing when the Mini 2 suddenly...
  2. Crouching Leopard

    Litchi not sending pause mission command to Mavic Mini

    Has anyone else experienced this? Today tried to do an orbit around a park. once everything was programmed in, I set the drone off to do the orbit. After ascending to the required height and moving north, I saw that the drone was getting closer to some trees than intended (about 100 metres...
  3. Quick1

    Mavic Air flew off, accelerated and smashed in to a wall at nearly 40mph!

    I have had my Mavic Air since it first came out and have used it many times with very few issues until yesterday. I have not used it for 3 months and charged the battery up fully. Went to my local beach to fly it where there is a lot of wide open space. I placed it down on a big flat concrete...
  4. Pegasus1

    Mavic bird strike (?) loss of control & crashed

    Well, it finally happened. I've owned my MP for about roughly 2 yrs, and had mostly problem-free flights. Yesterday I crashed, and suspicious this may have been a bird strike. Really bizarre, because I didn't have video recording during the flight to see what happened. I was just flying around...
  5. S

    Lost Connection Results in Destruction of Brand New Mavic Air/1st Flight

    Problem? On first flight Mavic Air lost RC Connection at only 90 feet away. Tried to regain control, unit went into RTH. I set RTH high to avoid trees but on the descent to land it clipped the edge of a tree and fell >100ft. trashing the drone. The Mavic was completely unresponsive to control...