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lost control

  1. RonanCork

    Mavic suddenly jerked to the right while flying in woods

    Hi Guys, Was wondering if I could get some help from you. I was flying (Mavic Air) in a local woods (heavy tree canopy so I was about 2m off the ground and generally not flying over the tree canopy in that area). I was (from what I recall in Sports mode, so it's APAS would let me move more...
  2. F

    Why did my Mavic Air decide to land on water?

    Problem? I cannot understand what went wrong. Pilot error, rookie mistake, interference ? Was unit in a crash? Yes, I think this qualifies as a "soft" crash since it landed on water and sank. After 10 hours, a diver was able to recover the unit but I don't think I will try to make it fly...
  3. S

    Lost Connection

    Hi all... just a new mavic platinum user and yesterday i was trying take a shoot with my MPP and suddenly i lost control with MPP as the phone disconnected from MPP after the notification of interference. At that point, the battery still on 58% but i couldn't see my MPP as this flown over the...
  4. H

    Magnetic Interference caused Mavic to fly off on its own.

    Yesterday afternoon I was flying my Mavic, trying to put together a video for a friend of a golf course. The golf course was built on top of a field beside an old smelter and there is a lot of slag, metallic, rock waste in the area. (It was actually built on top of the stuff.) I have flown my...
  5. S

    Mavic pro flip up two times and lost

    Hi Today I was flying and suddenly is started to go crazy up down and sideways, then as I was going sideways at about 20 feet hight (it was close to me) it flipped and it the ground but just made it back in the air. I landed a checked but all was looking fine so I started again and all was fine...